Saturday, February 8, 2014

Night 8 Of The 14 Nights Of Valentine's Day Movie Marathon Giveaway

Welcome to night 8 of the 4th annual 14 Nights of Valentine's Day Movie Marathon Giveaway. Make sure to stop by our main Giveaway Post and enter to win a $400+ Prize Pack full of decadent treats from 16 fabulous shops! Tonight we have the next movie from the Valentine Movie Marathon. Follow along daily for extra entries and the chance for a bonus 20 entries at the end of the giveaway. You can also play the Guess The Movie game for even more entries. But that's not all! Keep reading to find the next feature on one of our participating shops. Enjoy and have fun!

Bloody Valentine Compact - Style A

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Featured Shop ~ Vegan Sudz Shop
Vegan Sudz Shop are run by Nikole from the Allentown, MI. Her shop is full of fun and crazy soaps for all ages.

ORGANIC Have a Nice Day Soap - Set of 3 - You Pick Colors & Scents - Vegan smile guest bath decorative

Have a Nice Day Soap Set

How did you choose your shop name?
"I was a vegan for over 10 years when I decided to open my shop, so that part was easy. As for the "Sudz" part, well that was just being lazy because I'm selling soap."

S'more Soap w/Marshmallow Scrub - Chocolate/Marshmallow Scent - vegan camping bath guest outdoor decorative

S'more Soap Scrub

Why did you choose to make/sell what you do?
"I was so tired of spending big loot on expensive soaps and lotions at stores, and still not being 100% sure that the ingredients in them weren't coming from the inside of some poor animal or that they were even decent enough to actually put on my skin, so I figured out how to make them myself. And after forcing them on my friends and family and seeing that they actually used them, loved to use them on their kids and even asked for more... well that started me down the path of branching out and forcing them on people I don't know for money :)"

8 oz Whipped Face Lotion - You Pick Scent - NEW AND IMPROVED - Vegan Balm Salve The Whip

Whipped Face Lotion 

What inspires the designs/creations you make?
"Other than my quest for happy veganism worldwide and the understanding that natural just equals better, I've always loved cute, creepy, weird, obnoxious and just plain odd things. And since a lot of my soaps are geared towards kids having fun at bath time, I just assume they all want something creepy and weird just like I did!"

Tiki Man Soap - Vegan guest bath decorative

Tiki Man Soap

What new designs/creations would you like to add to your shop in the future?
"I have SLS Free Shampoos and Conditioners and all natural deodorant that I've been meaning to cram in everyone's face forever now, but I want to make sure everything is perfect and groovy before launching them, plus, I'm too lazy to take the pictures to post them on Etsy."

Space Ship UFO Meteor Soaps - Set of 3 Each - You Pick ONE Scent - Vegan blue orbit guest bath decorative alien

Space Ship Meteor Soaps

A little peek at where the magic happens.

You'll have a chance to win your choice of 1 item from four different items from Vegan Sudz Shop. Enter now on the main Giveaway Post.

Robot Soap Set

Brain Soap Set

Skull And Crossbones Soap Set

Pistol Soap Set

Visit Vegan Sudz Shop on Etsy.

Since it's February, I asked the shops to share their favorite love story movies.
"I'm not much for the lovey dovey movies, but I think I feel safe saying that Something About Mary is about the closest I can get to one! You just gotta love a funny movie about the torture boys will go thru to get the girl of their dreams! FRANK AND BEANS!!!"

14 Nights of Valentine's Day Movie Marathon
Follow along with us for 2 weeks full of classic and modern love story movies. On each daily post  there will be a review of the next movie in our marathon. Leave a comment on the post, with your opinion of the movie, and you can receive 2 entries in the giveaway. Each day you comment you can receive 2 entries. You will find the daily entries on the Rafflecopter on the main Giveaway Post.
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Plus, if you comment on all 14 movies you can receive a bonus 20 entries. On the last day of the giveaway you will find the magic phrase you can use to unlock the bonus entries on the Rafflecopter. *You must comment on each movie to qualify for the bonus entries.

Guess The Movie Game
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Tonight's Clue ~ Two angels must help unite a couple or be doomed to stay on Earth forever.

Night 8 ~ Dead Man Down 

Taglines - Blood demands blood.
                Revenge is coming.

Songs from the movie playing on the Jukebox...
 *Life in Mono by Mono ~ Love this song!!!

Directed by Niels Arden Oplev (The original Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) and released on March 8, 2013 by FilmDistrict (Rated R). Beatrice (Noomi Rapace) sees her neighbor across the way, Victor (Colin Farrell) kill a man. Beatrice seeks him out and demands he kills the man who hit her car and caused severe damage to her face. What starts as blackmail unfolds as a story that is not as it first seemed and brings two very damaged people back to the world.

I love a good love story and it is always nice to find one in a place you would not expect to find it. Dead Man Down (not in love with the name) is your standard revenge action movie. There is violence and there is killing. But the lovely surprise is the rather beautiful love story that is at the heart of the movie. Our two main characters are very broken people who have been severely hurt by tragedies in their lives. I found it intriguing to watch these two character's slow emersion from their isolated lives as they begin to care about and depend on each other. Noomi Repace (from the original Swedish film The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) is very good as the woman who seeks revenge on the drunk driver who hit her car and left her with severe damage to her face. And Mr. Farrell, well let's just say he is rather easy on the eyes. I thought the two of them worked well on screen.

The violence level or "shoot 'em up" level of this movie is not as high as expected until the very end. Then it is your classic slam bang finish. There really is more story here than just action. So, even if this is not your genre, if you are a fan of romance you might be pleasantly surprised.

Dead Man Down is currently on Netflix and Netflix streaming.

Take a look at the original trailer.

Some trivia about the movie.
1. Director Niels Arden Oplev was unhappy with the American advertising campaign, which he felt misrepresented the film. He also spoke of budget problems during production, which forced him to speed up the shoot, and of not being able to edit the film the way he would have preferred.


  1. Haven't seen this yet but it's on my queue list.

  2. I want to say that my husband has seen this... I am pretty sure that I have not. Perhaps a film to 'borrow from a friend'??

  3. Happy Saturday! I haven't seen this movie. My guess was so far off. Lol I really love the shop! So sweet and love all the soap designs!

  4. Never heard of this one!

  5. Tiki Soaps! How cool! I have a friend who has a whole Tiki themed room in her house. Something about Mary is very funny; the other one I have not seen so I am going to Netflix it. I Love Colin and Noomi. She was marvelous in the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Series.

  6. I haven't seen this one,,, Love Colin Farrell, but not the action genre.

  7. Never heard of this one either. Will be added to the list

  8. never seen it, I am intrigued

  9. I think I saw this on Netflix and thought it was slow, but I like Colin Farrell.