Sunday, February 2, 2014

Night 2 Of The 14 Nights Of Valentine's Day Movie Marathon Giveaway

Welcome to night 2 of the 4th annual 14 Nights of Valentine's Day Movie Marathon Giveaway. Make sure to stop by our main Giveaway Post and enter to win a $400+ Prize Pack full of decadent treats from 16 fabulous shops! Tonight we have the next movie from the Valentine Movie Marathon. Follow along daily for extra entries and the chance for a bonus 20 entries at the end of the giveaway. You can also play the Guess The Movie game for even more entries. But that's not all! Keep reading to find the next feature on one of our participating shops. Enjoy and have fun!

Love In Black And White Charm Bracelet

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Featured Shop ~ Some Kind Of Pretty
Some Kind Of Pretty is run by Catheryn from Warner Robins, Georgia. Her shop is filled with lots of colorful handmade jewelry.

Pretty Pink Love Earrings

How did you choose your shop name?
"My shop name was purely by accident. My original name was Pretty Little Things, but that name on Etsy was already taken. So I tried typing in different words and phrases and ended up with Some Kind of Pretty! Which I love!"

Bright Locket Necklace

Why did you choose to make/sell what you do?
"I have been making jewelry since I was a kid. Now that I am older, I use it as a creative outlet that also helps to relieve stress. A few years back I was getting to the point of not being able to wear everything I I decided to sell it!"

Love You Earrings

What inspires the designs/creations you make?
"I get inspired by just about anything. But mainly from fashion and nature. I love mixing neutrals and bright with different styles. But I try to keep many of my designs tame enough to be worn everyday."

Fire Polished Glass Ring

What new designs/creations would you like to add to your shop in the future?
"I would love to add more bold necklaces, which is actually what I am working on now. I am also working to introduce seasonal jewelry! I hope to be able to create pieces for every season and have them in a new section in the store."

Bright Yellow Zippered Pouch

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Since it's February, I asked the shops to share their favorite love story movies.
"Pride & Prejudice would be my all time favorite movie. It is such a classic love story. It truly shows that you can't judge someone on who you think they are. Also, that you can't be too proud to change any faults you have. Mr. Darcy saw the wrong judgments he made and corrected them for Elizabeth and Elizabeth in turn realized how wrong she was in judging his character. I could watch the new version with Kiera Knightly on a loop! Between the story so true to the book and the wonderful soundtrack, it is a timeless movie."

14 Nights of Valentine's Day Movie Marathon
Follow along with us for 2 weeks full of classic and modern love story movies. On each daily post  there will be a review of the next movie in our marathon. Leave a comment on the post, with your opinion of the movie, and you can receive 2 entries in the giveaway. Each day you comment you can receive 2 entries. You will find the daily entries on the Rafflecopter on the main Giveaway Post.
*You may start following the marathon at any time and comment on past posts to catch up.

Plus, if you comment on all 14 movies you can receive a bonus 20 entries. On the last day of the giveaway you will find the magic phrase you can use to unlock the bonus entries on the Rafflecopter. *You must comment on each movie to qualify for the bonus entries.

Guess The Movie Game
Each daily post will have a clue to the next night's movie. Leave your guess on the Rafflecopter widget, on the main Giveaway Post, for 2 entries in the giveaway.
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Tonight's Clue ~ A love triangle between a man, a woman and a big hairy guy.

Night 2 ~ The Lake House

Tagline - How do you hold on to someone you've
              never met?

Directed by Alejandro Agresti and released on June 16, 2006 by Warner Brothers Pictures (Rated PG-13). Kate (Sandra Bullock) is moving out of her beautiful glass house on the lake. She leaves a note in the mailbox for the next tenant to forward her mail to her new address. Alex (Keanu Reeves) opens the mailbox and finds her note. Only thing is, Alex lives in the lake house two years prior to Kate. Wooooo...spooky. The two fall in love as they exchange many letters through the mailbox. Can their love survive the "long distance" relationship and will they be able to find each other in time?

I love the concept of this movie. It is all about destiny, magic and my favorite theme of love conquers all. It is sweet, a little sad in spots and leaves you with that wonderful feeling that anything can happen. Sandra Bullock is enjoyable as always and if you know me, even a little, you probably know I have a sweet spot for that Mr. Reeves. Everything here just works and makes for a great love story.

If you like foreign films try the original Korean film, Il Mare (2000), that this film is a remake of. I have not seen it yet but would love to give it a try.

Take a look at the original trailer.

Some trivia about the movie...
1. John Cusack was the first choice for the role of Alex Wyler, but he declined.
2. The name of the exclusive restaurant in the film is "Il Mare". "Il Mare" is also the name of the house and the International title of the Korean film upon which "The Lake House" is based, Siworae (2000).
3. Sandra Bullock states that she felt compelled to name the dog "Jack" after the character of Keanu Reeves in Speed (1994) the first movie the two of them made together.
4. Director Cameo: [Alejandro Agresti] man using breath spray on the bus, beside Sandra Bullock.
5. The film clip featuring Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant is from the Alfred Hitchcock film Notorious (1946).
6. The lake house measured 2000 square feet and sat on top of steel beams ten feet above the waterline. It used 35 tons of steel and required nearly 100 carpenters, welders and painters to build it.
7. The actual house did not exist and was built for the movie, then dismantled. The coordinates are 41° 42' 49.92" N, 87° 53' 10.56" W. (Google Earth can be used to view this location now, and using the History feature, the house can still be viewed.)
8. The Lake House used was located on Maple Lake, a small and well known haunted fishing lake located in Willow Springs, IL. Read more about the haunted lake here.


  1. Haven't seen this one either. I can see this is going to be a long list of TBW movies. Lol

  2. powerful story, I am a big fan of Sandra

  3. I'm surprised I haven't seen this. I'm a big Sandra Bullock fan.

  4. Lovely shop; those pouches are sweet! I love Pride and Prejudice. I put it on my list to watch again. I don't think I have seen the Lakehouse so that is on my list now too!

  5. I haven't seen this one. I think it's crazy they built the house just for the movie

  6. I have not ever seen this movie, but something else brought it into mind recently & it's on my list to purchase.

  7. I *loved* (still *love*!!) this film!! I don't own it, yet, but soon! I love the "loop" from the beginning tied to the ending!!

  8. I love the "time warp" concept of this one, too. Really enjoyed it!

  9. The Lake House was a lovely movie. But I don't like his acting. Never have. He is dry as dry toast! Seriously! His acting is horrible, I don't know why I just don't like him as an actor.

  10. I love this movie! I cried!

  11. I watched Il Mare first. Love Korean version more than English

  12. I have seen this. I agree about his acting, though I think they make an attractive couple, he is always so wooden.