Thursday, February 6, 2014

Night 6 Of The 14 Nights Of Valentine's Day Movie Marathon Giveaway

Welcome to night 6 of the 4th annual 14 Nights of Valentine's Day Movie Marathon Giveaway. Make sure to stop by our main Giveaway Post and enter to win a $400+ Prize Pack full of decadent treats from 16 fabulous shops! Tonight we have the next movie from the Valentine Movie Marathon. Follow along daily for extra entries and the chance for a bonus 20 entries at the end of the giveaway. You can also play the Guess The Movie game for even more entries. But that's not all! Keep reading to find the next feature on one of our participating shops. Enjoy and have fun!

You Make My Heart Spin Necklace

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Featured Shop - Apocalypso
Apocalypso is run by Faith from Crazyville, NJ. Her shop is filled with designs inspired by Day of the Dead, Vintage and Retro.

How did you choose your shop name?
"I wanted something fun, retro, day of the dead-esque and sassy. I brainstormed with friends and my author friend Natasha Boyd came up with the store name."

Gypsy Nights Fringe Earrings with Swarovski Crystals and Teardrop

Gypsy Nights Earrings

Why did you choose to make/sell what you do?
"I have a degree in jewelry design and when I need a good creative outlet I go back to making jewelry. After I had my son, I decided to take a break from working full time but needed a creative outlet and started making jewelry that I would want to wear."

iPhone 5 hard case Apocalypso Sugar Skull TEAL

Sugar Skull Teal iPhone 5 case

What inspires the designs/creations you make?
"Color, Folk art, vintage and retro icons all go into my designs. I love things that are just a little over the top."

Rainbow and Sunshine Rhinestone and Swarovski Anklet

Rainbow and Sunshine Anklet

What new designs/creations would you like to add to your shop in the future?
"I'd like to add more men's items."

The magic maker, Miss Faith herself.

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Dottie Czech Glass Earrings

Visit Apocalypso on Etsy.

Since it's February, I asked the shops to share their favorite love story movies.
"When Harry Met Sally - I adore this movie. From the witty dialog to the obnoxious friends, it is one of those perfect movies. You want them to work it out even though neither of them are perfect people, they are perfect together. Not only is it one of the best one liner movies ever, but I have never been able to look a man named Sheldon in the eyes since I saw it. I just hear, "Do me Sheldon. Ride me Sheldon." It really doesn't work. I can never see Pecan Pie on a menu or at a holiday dinner without doing Billy Crystal's voice in the Met saying "Peeeecaaan Piiiiiiiie". Humor and love, nothing better."

14 Nights of Valentine's Day Movie Marathon
Follow along with us for 2 weeks full of classic and modern love story movies. On each daily post  there will be a review of the next movie in our marathon. Leave a comment on the post, with your opinion of the movie, and you can receive 2 entries in the giveaway. Each day you comment you can receive 2 entries. You will find the daily entries on the Rafflecopter on the main Giveaway Post.
*You may start following the marathon at any time and comment on past posts to catch up.

Plus, if you comment on all 14 movies you can receive a bonus 20 entries. On the last day of the giveaway you will find the magic phrase you can use to unlock the bonus entries on the Rafflecopter. *You must comment on each movie to qualify for the bonus entries.

Guess The Movie Game
Each daily post will have a clue to the next night's movie. Leave your guess on the Rafflecopter widget, on the main Giveaway Post, for 2 entries in the giveaway.
*Guesses must be posted the same day as their clue to receive the 2 entries.
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Tonight's Clue ~ Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew by way of '90's comedy.

Night 6 ~ Waitress

Tagline - If only life were as easy as pie.

Songs from the movie playing on the Jukebox.
 *Baby Don't You Cry by Quincy Coleman.

Directed by Adrienne Shelly and released on May 25, 2007 by Fox Searchlight (Rated PG-13). Jenna (Keri Russell) is a waitress who makes amazing pies and is stuck in a loveless marriage with a cruel husband. She dreams of leaving him but now finds she's pregnant. Feeling like she is out of possibilities Jenna finds her world is about to change.

I love this movie. Why, I'm not really sure. But then I watch it and it's just so obvious that this is a great little movie. It's sweet, sad, funny, a little heartbreaking in places but leaves you in a feel good mood by the end. The characters are quirky, fun and likable. Except for her husband Early who is just terrible but is played so well by Jeremy Sisto. Another favorite here is Nathan Fillion as her doctor.

The only side effect of this movie, I feel the need to bake pies! I love how she creates the pies in her mind around what's happening in her life. The colors in this movie are beautiful especially the pies. So vivid and lively. If you haven't seen this yet go watch it now! You won't be sorry.

Click here for some of the recipes for the pies made in the movie.

Take a look at the original trailer.

Some trivia about the movie.
1. Adrienne Shelly's final film. She wrote, directed and played Dawn in the movie Waitress. While still working on the movie, Adrienne was found murdered in her Manhattan office/apartment. She was 40 years old.
2. Writer-director-actress Adrienne Shelly wrote the screenplay while she was pregnant with her daughter, Sophie.   
3. The toddler who plays Lulu in the movie's final scenes is Adrienne Shelly's daughter, Sophie Ostroy.   
4. Release prints were delivered to theaters with the fake title 'Broken Dishes'.
5. The idea for the five minute date Dawn (Adrienne Shelly) goes on was inspired by Adrienne's experience with them years earlier.   
6. Had a 20-day shoot.


  1. Haven't seen this one :( added to the TBW list

  2. I never even heard of this. Must at to the list

  3. I liked the movie waitress. It was funny. As for when Harry met Sally... I never watched it. You always hear about the famous scene but I haven't watched it.

  4. I watched bits and pieces of it but I wasn't thrilled with it.

  5. Love the chandelier earrings! Yes, when Harry Met Sally is a classic! I never saw Waitress. Is that the girl from Felicity?

  6. How have I missed this movie? I will look for it...

  7. I've never heard of this before. Looks hilarious!

  8. I have been thinking about this film for the last two weeks(ish)!! I have been looking to buy it from anyone's '$5 movie bin'. Nathan Fillion is so funny in this film, and Keri Russell is brilliant. I'm going to have to bite the bullet and get it online. I am especially awed at the 20-day shoot trivia! Fabulous!!

  9. I adore WAITRESS.
    Brilliant performance by Russell

  10. I have seen this and I thought Keri Russell is very good, in a nice romantic movie.