Monday, May 18, 2015

Day 15 Of The 1st Annual Fabulous Spring Giveaway

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Daily Posts & Extra Entries
Stop by each day for Daily Giveaway Posts. Summer is right around the corner and we will be celebrating the Summer Vacation with some of our favorite vacation photos. Each day you will find one right here from Laughing Vixen Lounge and below from that day's Featured Shop. We will also be sharing some of the best Summer Vacation Movies to enjoy this season along with Road Trip themed Fear Fridays each week. You can earn yourself  EXTRA ENTRIES each day by visiting these posts.

James Dean Grave Site ~ Fairmount, Indiana ~ 1994
In 1994 I took two big road trips and covered a lot of states. Being a huge James Dean fan I had to make a stop in Fairmount, Indiana where he grew up and in 1955 was laid to rest. You will also find the house he lived in and the James Dean Gallery which has a large amount of memorabilia.
Below ~ Elvis Presley Grave Site at Graceland ~ Memphis, Tennessee.
Even if you are not a big Elvis fan, Graceland really is something to see!

No featured shop today so instead we present...


Laughing Vixen Lounge loves movies so here are some fun Summer themed movies to chase away those Summertime Blues.

Summer Rental - Classic 80's comedy with one of the greats, John Candy. Simple silly fun about taking the family on Summer vacation to the beach. Includes a big boat race that, for some reason, was a very popular theme of '80's Summer movies.

The Great Outdoors - John Candy and Dan Aykroyd take the family, once again, on vacation. This time to the woods. I think this one is the better of our two John Candy films. Most likely because it was written by the great John Hughes (Sixteen Candles, Breakfast Club and Vacation).

Stealing Home - A lessor known film from 1988. Mark Harmon (NCIS) and Jodie Foster (Silence of the Lambs) take us on a very nostalgic trip to the 1960's. A summer filled with being young, coming of age and heartbreak. If you haven't seen this one I highly recommend it!!!

American Graffiti - This one is eye candy for anyone who is a fan of retro culture. Funny, nostalgic, an amazing soundtrack and loaded with familiar faces in their very early years.

One Crazy Summer - John Cusack (Say Anything) and Demi Moore (Ghost) do their thing in this 80's teen comedy. And yes, there is a big boat race!!! Silly fun.

Meatballs - Topping it all off is another offering from the 1980's Summer Camp movies. An adult comedy with boy humor, a little sex, a little nudity, kids getting in trouble, councilors getting in even more and placing itself firmly as one of the best camp movies. Racy for its day but probably tame by today's standards.

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  1. Grave side visits as part of a vacation.
    That's how you know you died at the Top.