Friday, February 13, 2015

Night 13 of the 14 Nights of Valentine's Day Giveaway

Welcome to night 13 of the 5th annual 14 Nights of Valentine's Day Giveaway. Stop by the main Giveaway Post and enter to win a $200 Prize Pack full of decadent treats from 8 fabulous shops! Tonight we have the next movie in the Valentine Movie Marathon. Follow along daily for extra entries and the chance for a bonus 20 entries at the end of the giveaway. Test your movie knowledge and play the Guess the Movie game for even more entries. Enjoy and have fun!

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Tonight's Clue ~ An 80's classic where the good guy gets the girl.

Night 13 ~ Breakfast At Tiffany's

Tagline ~ Audrey Hepburn plays that daring, darling Holly Golightly to a
              new high in entertainment delight!

Based on a novel by Truman Capote and directed by Blake Edwards (The Great Race, The Pink Panther and 10) and released on October 5, 1961 by Paramount Pictures. A young writer Paul (George Peppard) meets Holly (Audrey Hepburn) his quirky neighbor. It doesn't take long before Paul is in love with Holly, like most everyone who meets her. But can Holly return his love or is she looking for something bigger?

This is a classic and for good reason. Audrey Hepburn plays the slightly scattered but completely lovable Holly, an escort longing for love but afraid to have it. George Peppard is the struggling writer and kept man Paul, who has just moved in upstairs. The movie plays on the themes of loss, sadness and loneliness but ultimately love and learning to trust.

While the film does have heavier moments it also have humor and is a gorgeous example of the late 50's/early 60's in film. Audrey is wonderful to watch in her fabulous fashions and bohemian lifestyle. New York makes a beautiful backdrop for this slice of nostalgia. It is also a great throwback to a time were drinking was a very glamorous pass time. My stars, do these people drink!

While I have not read the Truman Capote novel this was based on I know it varies greatly. So greatly that Mr. Capote was far from happy with it. I can imagine as it was loosely based on his own life with the character Paul created around himself. But if you have not read the book, or can separate the two, this is a movie gem that is well worth a watch.

Breakfast At Tiffany's is currently available to stream on Netflix and is available on most DVD rental and streaming services.

Take a look at the original trailer.

Some trivia about the movie.
1. Audrey Hepburn said the scene where she throws Cat into the rainy street was the most distasteful thing she ever had to do on film.
2. Audrey Hepburn hated Danish pastries, making filming the famous opening scene a bit of a chore for her.
3. Although not visible on camera, hundreds of onlookers watched Audrey Hepburn's window-shopping scene at the start of the film. This made her nervous and she kept making mistakes. It wasn't until a crew member nearly got electrocuted behind the camera that she pulled herself together and finished the scene.
4. Elements of Holly's character in the original novel, such as her flirtation with bisexuality, were omitted to make the part more suitable for Audrey Hepburn.
5. George Peppard was a student of Method acting, a style Hepburn found difficult to work with. Nonetheless, the two actors remained close friends until her death.
6. The song "Moon River" was written especially for Audrey Hepburn, since she had no training as a singer. The vocals were written to be sung in only one octave.
7. At a post-production meeting following a screening of the film, a studio executive, in reference to "Moon River," said, "Well, I think the first thing we can do is get rid of that stupid song." Audrey Hepburn stood up at the table and said, "Over my dead body!" The song stayed in the picture.
8. Steve McQueen was offered the co-starring role. However, he was still under contract for the show "Wanted: Dead or Alive" (1958), which prevented him from appearing. The role eventually went to George Peppard.
9. Audrey Hepburn's salary for the film was $750,000, making her the second highest paid actress (behind Elizabeth Taylor) per film at the time.
10. The story which Paul received the $50 check for is called Roman Caper, a reference to Audrey Hepburn's first starring role, Roman Holiday (1953).
11. The famous black dress worn by Audrey Hepburn in the opening scenes of this movie was sold for $807,000 on December 4, 2006 at Christie's Auction House in London, making it the second most expensive piece of movie memorabilia ever sold. The first is the Best Picture Oscar for Gone with the Wind (1939).
12. Although it's never explained why Holly is wearing a bed sheet at her cocktail party, an earlier scene (cut before release) established she'd been taking a bath and had to improvise a gown on the spur of moment. The cut scene was featured in Life magazine pictorial shortly before film was released.
13. In the famous "it should take you exactly 4 seconds to cross from here to that door. I give you two" scene, it takes Paul exactly 4 seconds from when he starts walking to when he reaches the door.
14. In the film's original trailer (included on the special edition DVD), the announcer mistakenly pronounces Truman Capote's last name as "Capot", without pronouncing the "e" at the end of his name. This mistake was repeated (on purpose) on the "Mary Tyler Moore" show - Ted Baxter (Ted Knight) is demanding better writers and he says they should get "that Truman Capot fellow". Phyllis (Cloris Leachman) tries to correct him by saying just "E". Ted then says "oh yeah, Truman E. Capot".
15. Holly Golightly wears the same dress through the movie, simply changing the accessories to give each outfit a different look. Her black dress is featured at least four times.
16. The perfume Holly is spraying in the apartment hallway during her drunken scenes is Makila by Jean Patou.
17. In Truman Capote's novel Holly was a prostitute, had an abortion, liked to smoke weed, was bisexual and swore like a drunken sailor.
18. In the Book the narrator describes how Holly would wash her hair and sit out on the fire escape thumbing her guitar while waiting for her hair to dry; this is reflected during her "Moonriver" scene, which is why she has a wrap around her hair.
19. Truman Capote was reportedly unhappy with the decision to cast Audrey Hepburn as he'd been in favor of Marilyn Monroe. Hepburn was very self-conscious of her performance while Capote was on set as she felt inadequate as the Holly he had envisioned.
20. Holly Golightly is supposed to be just nineteen years old when she meets with Paul. Audrey Hepburn was thirty-one years old when playing Holly.


  1. I love this movie!!! It's so good!

  2. this is one of the great classics. Everyone should see it!

  3. While I've heard so many wonderful things about this movie (and I enjoyed reading all these interesting tidbits), I still haven't seen it. I must rectify this.

  4. One of my favs! I still get misty over poor Cat...

  5. I've seen bits and pieces of this but never the whole thing.

  6. I love Breakfast At Tiffany's. It is defiantly one of the all great movies. No one really recreate her or the look she has when she is looking through the window.

  7. Great flick except for the offensive Mickey Rooney bits.