Monday, October 22, 2012

Night 22 of the Attack of the 31 Nights of Halloween

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Attack of the 31 Nights of Halloween Movie List.
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Night 22 - Shallow Grave

Tagline - What's a little murder among friends?
              The award winning thriller that'll bury you with laughs.

Directed by Danny Boyle (Trainspotting and 28 Days Later) and released on February 10, 1995 by Gramercy Pictures (Rated R). Three flatmates, living in Scotland, rent out their extra room. After a few days of not seeing the man they decide to break into his room to investigate. What they find is the man's body and a large suitcase of money. Hmmmmmm...

This movie is a dark noirish thriller with plenty of grizzly bits. These three people are not nice or likeable but that works better because I would hate to think nice people could do what these three are about to do. I don't want to go into details to much for those who have not seen it but it's interesting to watch how they try to cope with the events in the movie. And I think it has a nice little twisty ending.

I'm a huge Ewan Mcgregor fan so it's fun to see him here in his first big roll. If you haven't seen this yet I highly recommend it. Specially if you like dark thrillers.

Take a look at the original trailer

Some trivia about the movie
1. Shallow Grave marked the feature debut for a number of its creators. It was the first feature that Danny Boyle directed, the debut for screenwriter John Hodge, and the first feature starring role for Ewan McGregor.   
2. Although the story is set in Edinburgh and they considered filming there, a grant of G¸150K from the Glasgow Film Fund tempted them westwards for the majority of the filming.   
3. Ewan McGregor's mother, Carol McGregor, has a cameo in the film as one of the prospective flatmates.   
4. Such were the budgetary constraints on this shoot, the production had to auction off various props in order to raise enough money to buy essential film stock needed to complete the picture   
5. The film that Ewan McGregor's character is watching on TV is The Wicker Man.   
6. Shot in 30 days.   
7. Danny Boyle knew he had a hit on his hands when the film debuted at the Cannes Film Festival and the organizers had to set up three extra screenings just to meet demand.   
8. According to director Danny Boyle there's a sly connection between this film and his next film, Trainspotting. Keith Allen portrays a drug dealer in both films leading us to believe he may be the same character in featured in both, as Trainspotting was suppose to take place in the late 80s before the occurrences in Shallow Grave.   
9. The color scheme for the flat was based on Edward Hopper's painting Hotel Lobby.   
10. The films French title "Petits meurtres entre amis" translates to "Small Murders Between Friends" in English.


  1. What a fantastic film!!
    I still think it's Boyle's best


  2. A great one
    Good thing you reminded me to watch it again!!


  3. Haven't seen this one either. My list is getting sooo long.

  4. I have not watched this one and it really doesn't look like one I would enjoy

  5. I really like dark thrillers! But I haven't seen this yet :) Sounds awesome though

    -Rachael Henzman

  6. You've sold me...I've gotta see this one! Thanks for another great review in your Halloween series!

  7. I have never heard of this one, going to check it out now thanks!!

  8. Love #10! This looks a fascinating watch.

  9. i loooove this movie! i havent seen it in so long!

  10. I had not heard of this one but I am a McGregor fan.
    I don't think I will watch this alone.

  11. Hmmmm...I havent seen this but I will have to check it out

  12. Haven't seen it but it looks good!

  13. have not saw thia one, complex is getting worse...

  14. I have not even ever heard of this one...I will have to check it out. :)

  15. havent seen it....but sounds to me like a thriller than an horror movie ;)