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Night 12 of the Attack of the 31 Nights of Halloween

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Night 12 - Cursed

Tagline - What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
              Have you ever felt like you're not human

Directed by Wes Craven (Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream) and released on February 25, 2005 by Dimension Films (Rated PG-13 and released on video as unrated). Ellie (Christina Ricci) and Jimmy (Jesse Eisenberg) are attacked one night while trying to rescue a woman from a car accident. Strange feelings are starting to happen to them both since that night. Could that possibly have been a werewolf that attacked them? Hmmmmm... what do you think?

I expected a lot more from this the first time seeing it since it had Wes Craven's name on it. But on a second viewing, where there were no expectations of it, I actually found it fun to watch. It has hummor and lots of furry werewolves running around. While werewolves don't fair too well with the new computer graphic effects there are plenty of non computerized effects too curtisey of Rick Baker (An American Werewolf in London).

And it has Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) from Smallville in it with a pretty bad wig as he was still clean shaven for Smallville. A personal favorite of mine.

Take a look at the original trailer

Some trivia about the movie
1. Plagued by production problems and script issues, this film's release was delayed for over a year. Over half of the movie had to be re-shot with many cast members being replaced due to scheduling conflicts.
2. Mandy Moore was originally cast as Jenny and even filmed her scenes, but was replaced by Mya when the production was halted so the script could be rewritten.
3. When the production was stalled, many cast members were cut, including Illeana Douglas, Heather Langenkamp, Scott Foley, Omar Epps, Robert Forster, James Brolin and Corey Feldman. All of these actors even filmed their scenes which were cut when the movie was re-written and re-shot.
4. Skeet Ulrich originally had a role as the third lead, Christina Ricci's love interest, however when the film was re-scripted and preparing to re-shoot, he was unsatisfied with his characters changes and chose to drop out of the film. His character was then written out altogether.
5. Props of Freddy Krueger and the Elm Street house from Wes Craven's earlier film _Nightmare On Elm Street, A (1984)_ can be seen in the background at Tinseltown during the first scene.
6. The original plot line had three strangers brought together by a car accident in the Hollywood Hills and the subsequent attack of a werewolf. The three characters were named Ellie Hudson (Christina Ricci), Vince Winston (Skeet Ulrich) and Jimmy Myers (Jesse Eisenberg). When the script was re-written, the plot changed and focused on two estranged siblings who had to fight a curse after a werewolf attack. Skeet Ulrich's character was totally re-written and renamed Jake. Since Ellie and Jimmy became brother and sister, Ellie's surname was deleted and became Myers.
7. The cane on display in the beginning of the movie is the same one used in Storm of the Century by Stephen King.
8. In the beginning of the film, Jake shows Ellie a prop iron maiden. The prop is an exact replica of the iron maiden used in the 1960's The Addams Family TV show. Coincidentally, Christina Ricci was in The Addams Family.
9. After the first scene at Tinsel with Ellie (Christina Ricci) and Jake, there's a slow pan of the city. The lights clearly form a pentagram.


  1. I saw this a while back, do not remember much, maybe I will watch it again. Now DOG SOLDIERS is a werewolf movie of merit:)

  2. I think that all of the problems with writing & production left a lasting imprint on this release. I also had to watch it a second time before I could actually enjoy it.

  3. i actually forgot that i had even seen this movie. it was alright, but i love christina ricci. its weird that there were sooo many issues with one movie! sounds like the movie itself was cursed =p

  4. I do like Christina Ricci but I did not watch this movie. Maybe I've watched too many werewolf movies over the years because they don't scare me.

  5. I saw this ages ago. Not bad actually

  6. I've never seen this, and I wouldn't really be that interested in it.. I don't care much for werewolf movies and it doesn't sound that interesting. Might be ok for Halloween though. :)

    -Rachael Henzman

  7. wow, lots of shifting changes on this movie...maybe symbolic of the whole werewolf transformation?
    Not one of Christina Ricci's best films I think, though maybe worth a second chance knowing about all the trivia details. Sleepy Hollow was better, and of course The Addams Family...maybe a Christina Ricci Halloweenathon is in order. :)

  8. Meh, I didn't like it when I originally saw it. Probably won't give a second go either.

  9. not bad, saw it on tv the previous month


  10. I love Christina Ricci, I'd see anything she plays in!!


  11. I don't watch a lot of Christina Ricci films because I spend the whole movie wondering how her big ole eyes don't just roll right out of her head...

  12. sheila musselman askinsOctober 16, 2012 at 7:17 AM

    this isnt a real horror movie to me and i was disappointed since it was a Wes Craven movie...its more of a movie to watch and laugh lol

  13. This movie is pretty good although I am NOT a Christina Ricci fan... I love the whole confusion, trying to figure out what happened and all that follows. It is both suspenseful and funny but not really "scary" in the make you hide your face sense. This is a light-hearted film in comparison to other horror films. :)

  14. Hate to keep saying this but your trivia notes are making my day!
    I am not familiar with this film but I enjoyed your review so may watch it.

  15. I love Christina---Alas I have not seen this movie yet either. At least I am getting some good movie material to watch in the coming weeks :)