Thursday, October 18, 2012

Night 18 of the Attack of the 31 Nights of Halloween

Welcome to night 18 of the second annual Attack of the 31 Nights of Halloween. Make sure to stop by our Giveaway Post and enter to win a goodie bag full of frightfully good treats from 12 different shops! Tonight we have our next shop feature and the next movie review off our Halloween Movie List. Follow along for an extra 25 entries in the giveaway. But first lets get to our featured item of the night from Laughing Vixen Lounge.

Zombie Charm Bracelet  $45

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Featured Shop - Trinkets By Dana

Trinkets By Dana is run by Dana from Atlanta, GA. Her shop is filled with paper crafts, decor for parties and weddings, jewelry & accessories and original art/prints/fine art photography.

Autumn Reflections 150 Origami Stars  $17.50

How did you choose your shop name?
"My shop is like an antique shop-- you never know what you will find. I knew I would want to try a million different projects so I didn't want a name that would imply just one craft. I went with trinkets because it really embodies my shop's tangents well while reminding people that the little things are worth treasuring and being happy about. Now this is obviously a pun for the small items in my shop and the wonderful things in everyday life we tend to ignore or take for granted."

Origami Crane Heart Ornament  $15

Why did you choose to make/sell what you do?
"I got on Etsy my freshman year of college to just look around and de-stress. I got inspired nonstop and knew right away what I wanted to try making so I thought why not sell it? Why not share it with the world? And 2-3 years down the line, here I am!"

Abigail - 8x10" Fine Art Photography  $25

What inspires the designs/creations you make?
"Anything and everything! You should never feel limited in inspiration. When I'm taking a drive, I look at architecture/nature we tend to miss out on during everyday chores like the architectural details of downtown skyscrapers or the colors of sunset/flowers. I also love going to home decor/furniture stores (or skimming their magazines) because they have a combination of art and architecture to browse through-- plus I love home supplies... :)"

Wish Star Jar Silver Plated Necklace  $24

What new designs/creations would you like to add to your shop in the future?
"Oh geez. That's tough. Right now, I have a collection of glass beads I bought abroad in a little bead shop in Galway, Ireland. I would love to have a jewelry making session with all these little guys. I usually find one or two projects weekly that I save for my weekend to try out. I consider it a reward to for getting through the week!"

Tidal Wave Knotted Bracelet  $8.50

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Since it's Halloween I had to asked the shops to share their favorite horror films.
"I don't like scary movies! I'm an over-thinker and the contents of the movie stay with me for like a month! Oh! But I do like thrillers that make you think and do detective work like Disturbia, Wicker Park, etc. (:"

Attack of the 31 Nights of Halloween Movie List.
Follow along with us for a month full of classic and fun spooky movies. Each night there will be a movie review of the next movie on our Halloween Movie List. Leave a comment on each post with your opinion of that movie. On the last day you will find the magic phrase you will use to unlock the entry worth 25 entries in the giveaway. You must comment on each post.

Night 18 - Return Of The Living Dead

Tagline - They're Back From The Grave and Ready To

Directed by Dan O'Bannon (Shatterbrain) and released on August 16, 1985 by Orion Pictures Corporation (Rated R). While working his first day at a medical warehouse, Freddy (Thom Mathews) learns about the top secret toxic bodies down in the basement from co-worker Frank (James Karen). What else is there to do but go look at them and oops...accidentally set them and the toxins free. Meanwhile, Freddy's wannabe punk rocker friends are waiting for him across the street in the graveyard. Bad place to be when the toxins hit those bodies and well, you know the story.

This has been a long time favorite of mine. I loved it when I saw it on video way back when and was pleasantly surprised that it has held up over the years. Yes, this is a big slice of stinky cheese. The acting is bad, the writing is bad and the outfits....eeeh! The 80's! But if you are a fan of the Living Dead movies, and you can appreciate a great bad movie, then you have to give this a try. It makes me laugh and the soundtrack is great.

Take a look at the original trailer

Some trivia about the movie
1. Tobe Hooper was originally slated to direct and it was supposed to be filmed in 3-D. Aaah! I did not know this. That would have been soooo cool!!!
2. The eye-test poster (seen most clearly after Frank and Freddy run into Burt's office after hearing the first re-animated cadaver) in Burt's office actually reads "Burt is a slave driver and a cheap son of a b**ch who's got you and me here" if you put the letters together.
3. Some of the zombie extras were paid more to eat real calf brains in the film. Dan O'Bannon didn't want the actors to do anything he wasn't willing to do and ate some raw calf brains first in front of them.
4. After the "rabid weasels" are brought into the Resurrection Funeral Home and the tarp is removed, what is actually in the bags are those motorized toy monkeys that have the cymbals. The cymbals were removed for obvious reasons.
5. The film's German title is "Verdammt, die Zombies kommen", which is roughly "Oh Crap, the Zombies Are Coming" and the Danish title is "Ligene er ligeglade" which is roughly "The Dead Don't Care" - playing up the comical aspect of the film.
6. On the back of Freddy's jacket, in the theatrical version, the words "F**k You" are displayed. After realizing that the shot could not be used in case it was ever shown on TV, a second jacket was made that says "Television Version" and can be seen in the TV version of the movie.


  1. I'm beginning to see that I haven't watched nearly enough movies. This is yet another. :/

  2. Never saw this one...Maybe I'll give it a chance since I dont like zombie films very much ;)

  3. This sounds like a wonderful Saturday SyFy Channel type movie. So bad, they're funny.

  4. hehe "trash is taking her clothes off again!" lolol

  5. lol..."Oh Crap, the Zombies Are Coming" definitely needs to be a t-shirt!
    Haven't seen this one but it sounds like a good party movie. Cheers!

  6. This sounds like a good one, but I haven't seen it yet either :)

    -Rachael Henzman

  7. Huge zombie fan here, not my fave but still good fun!!


  8. I have yet to watch this one!!


  9. I just watched this one last week!!! Tar Man is so neat, BRAINS,
    I love zombies and the whole Horror genre, I have a good collection of Horror dvds that keep me happy:)

  10. Saw this when it first came out. Seemed scarier then. Lol

  11. I saw this when it came out too. It was a bit of a let down from Night of the Living Dead but it had its moments.

  12. I want an "Oh Crap, the Zombies are Coming" tee shirt! Great idea, Moonsword! In black, green and red screenprint, sz Large...

  13. I love how Dana's mind works and how she made her art work for her. Inspiring.

    As for the movie - this is one of those so bad you have to love it movies.

  14. Again, another one I have not seen.....I am getting a complex here...

  15. I have actually NOT seen this one and that is rare for me! Plus I love zombie movies...this will have to go on my watch list. I will be looking for this!