Sunday, October 31, 2010

Winners Of The Big Halloween Giveaway

Well we've come to the end of another Halloween. Time to clear the cobwebs, sweep up the candy wrappers and put away "The Monster Mash" til next year. Thanks to everyone for stopping by and hanging around. Plus a special thanks to all the new Lounge Vixens that found their way here via Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom's blog. It was lots of fun and we're glad you all enjoyed the season.

The winners of The Big Halloween Giveaway are....

$50 Gift Certificate goes to
BleuMoon - She picked

Fangtasia W/Eric Charmed Pendant

Lock, Shock and Barrel Pendant

I Heart Vampires Pendant

Choice of Silver Pendant goes to
daisy47 - She picked a custom X-Files pendant. I forgot to take a picture before I sent it. Ooops!

Let's give them all a big Congrats! Their picks will be posted as soon as they choose. Keep an eye out for November's giveaway.


  1. Congratulations both of you! Awesome ;)

  2. Congratulations happy winners!!! Can't wait to see what they choose!!

  3. That's wonderful! Had alot of fun, hope everyone had a great halloween:)!

  4. Oh my - Thank you so much! I can't wait to decide! After starting the week with a stomach bug and then losing my voice for Halloween - :( this is making me feel so much better - Thank you!