Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween At The Lounge Presents - B Monster Movie Classics

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Welcome all you hip ghouls to The Laughing Vixen Lounge. Crawl on in, clear the cobwebs, find a warm place to curl up and settle in for some Halloween fun. All month long we will be paying tribute to some of our favorite movies, music and TV shows of the season. The jukebox is loaded up with some spooky tunes and creepy movie themes.

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B Monster Movie Classics

I love old black and white monster movies. Any and all of them. Atomic bugs, Woman that change into insects, The Universal Monsters, Critters from Outer space, Ghosts, Zombies and just about anything that happens to grow really big! I'm a huge Mystery Science Theater 3000 lover so all the better if they're MST'd. Anyway and every way they are wonderful and make me laugh. If you visit my shop you will see many of them lurking around.

The trailers were great too. "It leaps! It Crawls! It takes over the world! Run!" I love this style and it show in the posters too. I couldn't think of anything better than to let their great artwork speak for them. This is just a sampling of the heaps of them out there.


  1. I'm so behind and haven't really watch much if the classics, but the poster are just wonderful! They're really art!

  2. Classic monster movies!! SO COOL!

  3. I love these movies too - the speak of time when you really had to try to get the effects realistic without the use of computers -


  4. I love the posters, reminding me of the time that although it could be done better now with all the computer work there is something to be said for how it was done by hand then. Thanks - Hugs and sparkles - WG

  5. Hello! I came from MrsB's and began following immediately when I saw your old horror movie posters. So cool. Especially "Santa Claus Conquers Martians". Hilarious! I can't wait to read deeper into your posts. Love the bracelet in the giveaway too.

  6. I loved these movies as a kid - I wasn't of the age to see them first-hand in a theatre or drive-in, but they were usually on TV Friday or Saturday nights (Chiller Theatre-type stuff). Great moveis! I'd happily watch one of these now on a Saturday afternoon/evening instead of what's usually on...

  7. I certainly didn't watch all those movies -- but that's because they weren't all shown in Germany. I just love such B-horror movies. Scares and laughs -- what oould be better?

  8. Haven't thought about these flicks in ages. I remember how funny I thought "Attack of the 50 foot woman" was. There was one old movie, "They came from outer space" or something like that where you could see the zippers in their costumes. Another classic was "Queen of Outer Space" with Zsa Zsa Gabor. Fun times!