Monday, October 18, 2010

Halloween At The Lounge Presents - Classic TV Shows

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Welcome all you hip ghouls to The Laughing Vixen Lounge. Crawl on in, clear the cobwebs, find a warm place to curl up and settle in for some Halloween fun. All month long we will be paying tribute to some of our favorite movies, music and TV shows of the season. The jukebox is loaded up with some spooky tunes and creepy movie themes. Plus, you'll get to see some new designs from the shop.

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Classic TV Shows

Here's a loving look at the spooky good TV shows of years gone by.


Absolutely love these old shows and this is a favorite. Even though it was the 1960's Samantha was a free thinking and strong woman. Darrin may have thought he ran the show but it was always Samantha saving the day. It may get a bit silly but is always fun to watch. They even appeared on The Flintstones.


 The Munsters

It had all the classic monsters in a friendly package. Again, we have a strong woman and husband with a few screws loose. The best part is they honestly don't see where they are any different than anyone else. Maybe those humans are a bit odd but they never treat them that way.

They also have a cat that sounds like a lion. That leads us to...

The Addams Family

They had a lion named cat. A kooky family who must have hardly ever mingled with the outside world. Did the kids go to school? Morticia and Gomez's relationship is wonderful and sweet. Uncle Fester is creepy and fun. Loved it when Morticia would say "Mind if I smoke?" then cross her arms and her body would start to smoke!

The Flintstones had neighbors named The Gruesomes. Look familiar?

I Dream Of Jeannie

Jeannie was so cute in her little pink outfit. As I get older the whole "yes master, anything you say master" is a bit much. You will see some eye rolling while I watch the show. But it's just a sign of the times and does not take away from the fun of the show. Besides, a very young JR Ewing is such fun to watch.

The Twilight Zone

It doesn't get much better than this. Great stories, great actors and great entertainment. These shows only get better with time. Rod Serling was a genius and left an amazing legacy of work. There are too many classics to mention them all but a good one that comes to mind is..."I'm talky Tina and I don't like you very much". Ah! Creepy dolls.


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    But don't forget to comment here first! =)

  2. Hi there.. visiting from Mrs. B's Haunted Blog tour.. love your site!

    Happy Halloween!

  3. Oh Thank you for bringing back these childhood memomries! I ued to love watching all these series!

    Kisses from Nydia.

  4. I always watched all of these except the Munsters, though I've seen it a few times. Creepy talking dolls are the worst!!! ::shudder::

  5. What an unique blog! I was transported immediately back to the good old 60's when I heard the twilight zone theme playing. Looking forward to following your blog! Come visit mine sometime too.

  6. loved the munsters and the twilight zone was great!

  7. I, too, loved each and every show although the Addams Family was my most favourite. I wanted to grow up and be Morticia ;) I came here from Mrs. B's tour but I am certainly going to follow too.
    Hugs and sparkles - WG

  8. hi! wandered over from mrsb. the munsters gave me my favorite quote: curiosity killed the bat. yes, but satisfaction brought him back. still adore the addams family. endora was my favorite character on bewitched.

  9. Thanks for bringing back so many great memories! :)

    -- Birgit

  10. I love your blog, your post brought backa lot of good memories. I'm a new follower.

  11. wonderful giveaway...goodness you made me realize my age today... great old shows...

  12. I just started watching Bewitched again....took the DVDs out of the library.... it is so much fun! LOVE the blog...thanks for sharing!

  13. Been listening to your music all morning...thanks

  14. been following you for a long time - here from mrs b's blog - love your big give the look back at vintage tv - some of those were my favs

  15. Here from Mrs.B's blog. I loved to watch the reruns of Bewitched when I was growing up. I am pretty sure that is where my parents got my name from although they tell me it isn't.

  16. Oh! They showed The Munsters and Addams Family in Sweden.. I remember watching those and loving it!

  17. I had to pass on to you the triple blog award. Hugs and sparkles - WG

  18. I love Bewitched- I just pulled it up last night on youtube!

  19. Herman Munster's laugh still gets me every time. Fred Gwynne was hilarious. A show from the 70's that I used to watch was "Night Stalker" with Darin McGavin. Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane. :smile: