Monday, October 4, 2010

Halloween at The Lounge Presents - The Films of Hitchcock

Welcome all you hip ghouls to The Laughing Vixen Lounge. Crawl on in, clear the cobwebs, find a warm place to curl up and settle in for some Halloween fun. All month long we will be paying tribute to some of our favorite movies and TV shows of the season.

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So let's get the fiendish fun started with...

The Films of Alfred Hitchcock

There are many amazing films in Hitchcock's career. We're going to cover some of our favorites but to see a full list click here.

Released in 1960, Psycho shocked the movie world by killing off the lead actress in the first act. Janet Leighs's "Marion Crane" arrives at The Bates Motel after stealing a large sum of money from her employer. Anthony Perkin's "Norman Bates" is the owner of the motel and the last person to see Marion alive. Marion's sister, boyfriend and a local private investigator try to solve the mystery of what happened to Marion out at The Bates Motel. It's classic suspense and beautiful performances.

Rear Window

Released in 1954, Rear Window tells the story of Jimmy Stewart's "L.B. Jeffries" who's broken leg keeps him cooped up in his apartment. Bored, he begins to spy on his neighbors and believes he has witnessed a murder. With the help of Grace Kelly's "Lisa Fremont" he tries to find proof of what he saw before the killer does away with him. Great suspense and a special treat with Raymond "Perry Mason" Burr as the suspected killer.

Dial M For Murder

Released in 1954, Grace Kelly's "Margot Wendice" is the beautiful wife who is unaware that her husband has hired a man to kill her. Bummer! But will it all go as planned? Another great performance by Grace Kelly and a great tale of murder and suspense.

Strangers On A Train

Released in 1951, a tense tale of two men that meet on a train and decide to "take care of" each others problems. But will the men have what it takes to actually kill someone? One of Hitchcock's best.

Released in 1948, an often over looked film but one of the best! Jimmy Stewart plays a teacher who is invited to a party by former students of his. The thing is, they just killed someone and now want to see if they can get away with having a party with the body hidden right under every one's nose. Great storytelling and praised for it's use of long, continuous scenes with no editing cuts.

The Birds
Released in 1963, Tippi Hedren (mom to Melanie Griffith) plays a woman who happens to be in the wrong town at the wrong time! The birds have had enough and they decide to attack this small town. A fun watch.

Released in 1958, tells the tale of a man, Jimmy Stewart, who falls in love with a mysterious and troubled woman, Kim Novak. After the woman jumps to her death he finds a complete look alike that is her spitting image. Tying to make her into his lost love will uncover more than he ever imagined. This is a great moody and mysterious drama. One of my favorites.  

Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Series ran from 1955-1961. My mom and I watched these when Nick at Nite used to show them. If you're a fan of the Twilight Zone or Outer Limits you'll loves these too. Great short stories of horror and suspense. Even though they were made decades ago they still hold up today. Treat yourself one night and watch a couple of these. Many great stars of the day appeared on the show including Dick York, Claude Rains, Walter Matthau, Brian Keith, Jessica Tandy, Charles Bronson, Cloris Leachman and Darren McGavin.

This is just a small sampling of his great work. If you haven't seen much Hitchcock or if you haven't seen them in awhile, take some time this season and settle in with a couple classics.


  1. Hitchcock is the best! Love Psycho, and Rear Window! The Birds is pretty cool too!

  2. I love Hitchcock. Strangers on a Train is great, but Vertigo is my fave. What a classic!

    Not a fan of The Birds as much. I like Rod Taylor though. Preferred him in The Time Machine.

  3. OMG..its really Alfred..yay my fave since kid >,< boughtthe book and seen the show in tv !:D love mystery and detective stories!in Indonesia we didnt see the film anymore :'(

  4. My daughter still gets nervous when she sees a flock of birds and she was in her 20s when she watched it. I loved all of Hitchcocks movies and his shows. I enjoyed trying to find him in the move too. He appeared somewhere in each of them. Sparkles - WG

  5. I took an Alfred Hitchcock class in college, we got to study and break down his movies. I loved that class and I have to say I found that North by Northwest became a favorite of mine -


  6. I love The Birds and was so bummed when I got my BFF to watch it with her sister and they thought it sucked! They have NO taste for classics!

  7. My favorite Hitchcock movie is still THE BIRDS. I watched it in my early teens and I was shocked seeing that first corpse... Of course, that was prior to CSI with all those corpses! LOL!

  8. Hitchcock was an amazing director and I loved the fact that he had a cameo in his flicks. Like others, my favorite is still The Birds -that sound the feeling that something major was about to occur. Seeing rows of birds sitting on the telephone wires while driving, really creeps me out.