Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Let's start the fun! Everyone gather for "Fear Fridays".

So a couple of weeks ago I stopped getting AMC on cable. Now every Friday night they would have Fear Fridays where they would show spooky movies late at night. I started to get sad that I wouldn't get to watch anymore until I realized that I rarely ever ended up actually watching them. It's a great idea but the downfall of AMC is they show the same movies ALL the time. So I came to the conclusion that there were more than enough horror films in my home that I could do my own Fear Friday even without AMC. And what's more fun is watching a scary movie with a big group of people.
Here's how it goes...I'll put the weeks movie pick up on Sunday so we will all have time to find it, rent it, netflix it, etc. before Friday. Watch the movie on Friday ( or any day that works for you. We won't tell) and come back to discuss. I'll have a few fun questions for everyone to answer and share their thoughts on the movie. Then I'll post the next movie up on Sunday again.
Fear Friday can be a wide spread of the Horror genre. From vintage to classic to slasher to thriller to the just plain cheesy. You get the picture. So for this weeks pick I'm starting off with an oldie but a goody in honor of a new charm bracelet I'm working on. This week's Fear Friday selection will be the 1954 classic "The Creature from the Black Lagoon".
So go find it if you don't already own it. If you can't find it just click here
to "borrow" it. Feel free to suggest any movies you'd like to see used. Let's make this a fun way for everyone to share their love of movies.

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  1. sounds fun! That movie is a classic! Now I have to see if the library has it :)