Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fear Friday Review

So what did everyone think of this weeks Fear Friday selection "The Mummy"? Here's my answers to this weeks questions....
  • Did this movie make you jump, yawn or laugh? I would have to go with a little Yawn. I really like the movie but it is a very slow pace and there isn't as much cheese as others.

  • Did you like or dislike the monster/villain? I liked this monster. He doesn't show much emotion and he's very dusty, but one can't hold it against him. Buried alive for love and after all those centuries she says "No thanks". Ouch! That's gotta hurt.

  • If you were one of the characters in the movie which one would you be? Oh, I'd probably end up being the idiot who opened the box that he wasn't supposed to touch and went mad from seeing the Mummy walk off with the ancient scroll. Oops!

  • If the monster/villain could have had one superpower what should it have been? Imhotep/Mummy had quite a few neat tricks. Being immortal, lots of Eygptian spells and curses, a magic pot of water and a ring that seemed to do things to people when he pointed it at them. So I thought maybe the ring could have livend things up a bit and shot out laser beams or something like that.

  • What was the best line or scene in the movie? Best line was when Frank was telling Helen about raiding the Princess's tomb. She turns to him, horrified, and says "How could you do that?" Frank, almost giddy beyond belief and drooling with excitement at the thought of it all, replies "Had to! Science ya know." Wow...What a catch!

So take a moment and post your thoughts on it here.

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