Saturday, May 9, 2009

Do you know who the killer is?

So, I was just about to order a pizza and get ready to watch tonight's episode of "Harper's Island" and I had a fun idea for a little contest. Hopefully I'm not the only one watching it.

"Harper's Island" is a 13 week murder mystery on CBS at 9:00 on Saturday night. It's been going for about 4 weeks now so if you haven't started yet there is still time to get with it. It's cheesy and campy and quite fun to watch. But the real question here is "Can you guess the killer?" Just type your guess as a comment to this post. I'll pick one winner from all the correct answers submitted.

"What do I win?" you ask. Well, you get to be featured on this blog. So if you have your own shop, blog, etc. you will get the chance to have it for all to see. Pictures, some fun questions, etc. Plus, if you have an Etsy shop I will run your Etsy Mini for 2 weeks on this blog. If not Etsy then I can run a button/banner to your shop/blog/etc. instead.

"What if I don't sell anything?" you ask. That's OK. We will just feature you as Vixen of the week. You'll get to tell us a little about yourself (favorite movie, first concert, superhero power) and have your 15 minutes of fame. We'll show a picture of you, your dog, your kid, or whatever you choose. It's all about you!

In addition you will also get 1 entry in July's monthly contest for just guessing. The winner will get 5 entries in July's monthly contest. I believe the show ends in early July so all entries will be for that months contest.

So come join in the fun and see if you can solve the mystery of "Harper's Island".


  1. At the moment, I think it's the Sheriff...'course that might change if he gets killed off! And I missed the last show because the Grey's Anatomy 2 hour finale overlapped onto Harper's Island, so I may already be wrong. :)

  2. I was thinking it was Abby's Dad also...but I'm not so sure...I missed last night's but will catch it OnDemand tonight...