Saturday, October 17, 2015

4th Annual Attack of the 14 Nights of Halloween Giveaway

***Giveaway is now closed***
Welcome all you hip dolls and cool ghouls to the Laughing Vixen Lounge blog. Come on in, clear the cobwebs, grab a chair and settle in for our main attraction. Live on stage is the 4th annual Attack of the 14 Nights of Halloween Giveaway. We have gathered an amazing selection of frightfully good treats from 7 of the most spooktacular shops around. One lucky winner will walk away with a prize pack full of loot worth $225+ that is sure to make for a wickedly good Halloween. Before we get to the prizes take a look at all the activities going on during the giveaway. Besides being fun they will earn you EXTRA ENTRIES.

Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt ~ Special Giveaway!
A murder has been committed! Our Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt works like a game of Clue. We will have clues for The Setting, The Suspect, The Weapon, The Room and The Escape hiding among the participating shops. On each daily post you will find which shop the next clue is in and a little hint as to where to find it within the shop. Check the blog each day, collect clues and you will earn lots of EXTRA ENTRIES in the giveaway. The Scavenger Hunt runs through the whole giveaway. You can start the game at anytime and search for past clues. You do not have to find all the clues. You will have the chance to submit your guess at Who Done it? on 10/31 and 11/1. 1 random winner from any correct guesses will win an $80 Prize Pack. If no one guesses correctly 1 random winner from all submitted guesses will win a $30 Prize Pack. See full details on any daily post during the giveaway for prize details and game rules.

Halloween Movie Marathon
Follow along with us for 2 full weeks of classic spooky movie reviews. This year we celebrate "Classic Thrills Through the Years". Watch the face of horror as it changes across the decades. Find some great films to view this season and receive EXTRA ENTRIES at the same time. On each daily post there will be a review of the next movie in our movie marathon. Leave a comment on the post to earn entries. Comment on each movie and submit the Secret Phrase on October 31st or November 1st to earn an EXTRA 20 ENTRIES in the giveaway! You may start following the marathon at any time and comment on past posts to catch up. See full game details on any daily post during the giveaway.

Guess The Movie Game
Think you know your scary movies? Try your luck with this fun little game and receive extra entries just for guessing. Each daily post will have a clue to the next night's movie. Each day you can leave your guess on the Rafflecopter for an EXTRA 5 ENTRIES in the giveaway. **Guesses must be posted the same day as their clue to receive the entry** See full game details on any daily post during the giveaway.

Halloween Playlist
Sit back and enjoy some holiday tunes on the Lounge Jukebox. You'll see it up there at the top of the page in black. Click the little white box on the right end of the player for a drop-down menu of songs. You can use the Fast Forward, Play, Pause and Rewind buttons on the left end of the player. And, if you would prefer to not listen, you can hit the mute on your PC/device or turn down the volume on the player (right side).
***Please Note*** This player is a bit temperamental. If you get an error code instead of the song simply skip past the song and then back to it. Sometimes it just does not load the first time. And sometimes, if there is no error code, if may just be a little slow to start.

Attack of the 14 Nights of Halloween Giveaway 
$225+ Prize Pack

Laughing Vixen Lounge ~ Bangles, Baubles and Other Needful Things.
$50 gift certificate.

Trick or Treat Charm Bracelet or Necklace

A Tree In Autumn Earrings

Laughing Vixen Lounge offers Charm Bracelets, Necklaces, Compacts, Purse Hangers and more. Pop Culture designs with a flair for Retro, Horror and Custom Designs.

Boo Necklace

Magic Potion Purse Hanger - Dragon's Roar

$1 from each sale at Laughing Vixen Lounge goes to support the Joy Cinema. A single screen theater in Tigard, Oregon that has been in operation since 1939. Purchase from LVL and help keep the classic cinema experience alive. See full fundraising details and the Joy's story here.

Vintage Books Compact Style D

Visit Laughing Vixen Lounge during the giveaway and use coupon code OCTOBER10 at checkout for 10% off your order.
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Deep Midnight Perfume Oils ~ Bringing history, fantasy, legends and lore alive to tantalize your senses!
Choice of Elven Leaf or Blue Moon Perfume Pendant, filled with your choice of Deep Midnight Perfume.

Blue Moon Perfume Bottle Pendant

Deep Midnight Perfumes donates monthly to Saved By A Whisker Rescue, a no kill rescue in Eagan, Minnesota. They also have a special charity sale every year after Christmas to to raise funds.

Elven Leaf Perfume Bottle Pendant

Visit Deep Midnight Perfume Oils during the giveaway and use coupon code 2015LVL10 at checkout for 10% off your order.
Find out more about Deep Midnight Perfumes here.
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Sign up for the Deep Midnight Perfumes Newsletter by contacting Cat through Etsy.

Minou Bazaar ~ Indian inspired vintage and handcrafted jewelry.
$30 Gift Certificate.

Mythic Shield Earrings

100% of the profits from Minou Bazaar's Elephant Necklaces are donated to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Dedicated to the protection and preservation of Africa's Wilderness and its denizens, particularly endangered species such as elephants and the Black Rhino.

Gold Filigree Bracelet with Vintage Jewels

Visit Minou Bazaar during the giveaway and use coupon code VIXEN at checkout for 15% off your order.
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Calluna Muse ~ Jewelry, Accessories, and Functional Decor Boutique.
$25 Gift Certificate

Red And Orange Beaded Bracelet

Turquoise Beaded Hair Barrette

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Junkmill ~ Digital images. Instant downloads.
Choice of 10 Digital Collage Sheets.

Classic Witches Digital Collage Sheet

The Raven Digital Collage Sheet

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Miss Bohemia - Gothic romance, fairytales and Bohemian glamour.
Choice of any Short Sleeve T-Shirt and Compact Mirror.

Miss Bohemia on Etsy

Miss Bohemia

Visit Miss Bohemia on Etsy during the giveaway and use coupon code BOHEMIAOCTOBER10 at checkout for 10% off your order.
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Apocalypso - Inspired by Day of the Dead, vintage and retro.
$25 Gift Certificate.

Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Earrings

Pave Rhinestone Skull Necklace

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How to enter the giveaway.
It's easy!

1. Login in to the Rafflecopter widget below with either your email or through Facebook.
2. You must do the first entry to qualify for this giveaway.
3. You can do as many of the extra entries as you like.
4. Please read each entry's directions carefully. If you do not do what is asked of you for the entry it will not count.
5. If you have any questions feel free to ask for help. You can leave your question as a comment below and I will answer as soon as I can.

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***Giveaway Winners***
Rafflecopter is having some issues so I am posting the winner here.
Grand Prize ~ Katherine Riley
Scavenger Hunt ~ Stacy Tessier

The Fine Print...
Giveaway is open worldwide. Past winners are more than welcome to enter again. You may not use alternate emails and names to enter more than once. Read all information on each entry carefully and do all that is asked of you or the entry will not count. Taking all entries without listing any required information will get you deleted. Entries are checked! Please be respectful of all the hard work by the shops involved that go into this giveaway and do not try to cheat. To those that read and follow the rules you get bonus points for being awesome! Leave a comment below with the words Gold Star (and the name you are using on the Rafflecopter) and I will make sure you get 5 extra entries in the giveaway.

Giveaway will run from 9:00 pm October 17th, 2015 (PST) to 10:00 pm November 1st 2015 (PST). Winner(s) will be picked randomly from all eligible entries. The winner(s) name and choices may be posted on this blog as soon as the winner(s) has been contacted. If selected winner(s) does not respond back within 48 hours a new winner(s) will be chosen. All decisions made final by Laughing Vixen Lounge. Each shop ships their own prize and Laughing Vixen Lounge is not responsible for any items not received.

Thanksgiving In The Air Charm Bracelet or Necklace


  1. Gold Star. Name is Christy Lindow in rafflecopter.

  2. I have a question. I am signed into the rafflecopter under Christy Lindow but my comments will be made under Christy L. cbwolf70 since that is my google acct name. I don't want to be disqualified for having 2 different names. How do I enter the giveaways without being disqualified?.

    1. That is perfectly fine Christy. This issue is more about people signing into Rafflecopter more than once using different names and emails.

  3. Gold Star. My name on Rafflecopter is Amanda Phillipps.

  4. I would add Hotel Transylvania (2012) to my list of movies to watch.

  5. The original "House On Haunted Hill"

  6. thank you a lot for this new fun edition!( and always so instructive)

    1. Black cat necklace,
      Oct 20 the comment box wasn't there.

  7. Gold Star! Courtney Hennagir in rafflecopter.

  8. Gold star! Beverly E (Savannah Nana on Etsy)

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    1. Thank for letting me know!!! I changed the Twitter ones so they should work now. The FB one seems to be down for some reason but the link should be right.