Friday, January 3, 2014

Fear Friday ~ Stay Out Of Texas Already!!!

Time for another Fear Friday!!! Since it is a new year I thought I would review all new movies in January. Well, all new to me anyways. So I searched through the new additions on Netflix and found this little gem I had not seen yet. You know, sometimes you need to just say NO!!! Even if the film series was good once upon a time it does not mean you need to watch EVERY sequel made. Enjoy my little ghouls!

Every Friday at the Laughing Vixen Lounge Blog is Fear Friday. Fear Fridays are a celebration of all films spooky. Horror is a very broad genre and the Lounge loves it all. Each Friday you will find a review of a different film. These can range from Classic Horror (black and white and cheesy), Thrillers (suspense, jumps and a good mystery), outright Horror (chop chop, slash slash, die die) and anything else in between.

So pop some popcorn, kill the lights and enjoy tonight's selection. And please, share your comments on the film. Bad or good let me know what you thought of it. And now, my little ghouls and dolls, the Laughing Vixen Lounge Blog is proud to present this week's film.

Fear Friday ~ Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013)

Tagline - Evil wears many faces.
              Buzz kill.

Directed by John Luessenhop (Takers and Lockdown) and released on January 4, 2013 by Lionsgate (Rated R). When the long lost last surviving ancestor of the Sawyer family inherits the family estate in Newt, TX. she heads down, along with some friends, to sign papers and visit the house. Hmmmm... I don't foresee this going very well!!!

While I never expect anything from these modern sequels to classic horror films, this one had promise. It starts directly after the events of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. We see the town mob exercise some vigilante justice and burn down the "family's" house with them in it. Of course one baby survives which leads us to our main character who inherits the whole legacy of her long lost family.

The problem is it quickly becomes the same old same old once the teens arrive at the house. Nothing new to see here. Of course Mr. Leatherface has also survived and takes to his usual ways in no time flat. But what irritated me the most was the lazy effort in piecing together the back story. I know, it's a horror film, I should not be looking so closely. But it just did not make any sense. When our main character reads all the police files on what happened to her ancestors we only see her reading about what the townsfolk did to them. Never what they did to evoke this response from the town. So the story goes on with this "they get what they deserve for hurting my family" vibe every time Leatherface kills someone. No mention of her ancestors killing, eating and wearing people for sport. I guess there was no other way to justify her staying and carry on taking care of cousin creepy if she knew too much.

While it was not the worse movie I have ever seen, for this series, it was one of the weaker parts. Maybe seeing it in 3D would have added a bit more fun. The original film is always the strongest. Truly disturbing. The slick, shiny and uber gory modern remake is entertaining enough but leaves out the core of what makes the original so horrid and scary - the mentality of the family. Of course it is still better than part 4 (I think) which has Mathew McConaughey running around in drag as the new chainsaw killer. Ugh!!!

Texas Chainsaw 3D is currently available on Netflix streaming and DVD.  

Take a look at the original trailer.

Some trivia about the movie.
1. Originally, a plan for a new trilogy was pitched. The films would be released out of chronological order, with the second film coming out first and being set almost entirely in a hospital. The next film would be a prequel explaining the events that led up to the hospital scenario. The third film would complete the storyline. Fearing it was too ambitious and risky, the producers opted for a follow up to the original instead.
2. This film features 4 actors returning from previous installments, surpassing the record of 3 set by Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation.
3. In 2007, Platinum Dunes announced they were abandoning the series following The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning. In 2009, Twisted Pictures negotiated a multi-picture deal with Bob Kuhn and Kim Henkel, who own the rights to the series.
4. In the opening scene, Bill Moseley, who portrayed Chop Top in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, portrays Drayton Sawyer, the cook from the first two films.
5. Thom Barry's character, Sheriff Hooper, is named after Tobe Hooper, who wrote and directed the first two films.
6. Has the distinction of featuring a total three different actors portraying Leatherface: Gunnar Hansen as the one from the archive footage, Sam McKinzie as a young Leatherface, and Dan Yeager as the main one.
7. Marilyn Burns, who played Sally Hardesty in the original film, plays Verna in this. This film and Butcher Boys (2012) were Marilyn's first movie roles in 28 years (excluding an uncredited Cameo in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation).
8. Gunnar Hansen, who portrayed Leatherface in the 1974 film, portrays a relative, Boss Sawyer, in the beginning of the film. This marks the first time Hansen has returned to the series since the initial film. In interviews, Hansen has said that he has been approached before but was never offered a salary that would entice him to return.
9. John Dugan, who portrayed Grandpa in the 1974 film, reprises his role in the opening scene of this film.
10. Filmed primarily in July and August 2011, but unreleased until January 2013.

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