Sunday, February 12, 2012

Night 12 of "The 14 Night's of Valentine's Day Giveaway"

Welcome to night 12 of "The 14 Nights of Valentine's Day Giveaway". Tonight we have our last featured shop from our Valentine Giveaway. We also have the review of the next movie on our Love Story List. Take a look at the list and find some fun movies to watch this Valentine season. You'll even get the chance for 10 extra entries. First off lets get to our featured item of the night from Laughing Vixen Lounge.

Tonight's Featured Item - Vintage Sassy Ladies "Dreamer" Silver Pendant

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The 14 Nights of Valentine's Day Shop Feature - K. Grant Designs

K. Grant Designs is run by Kim from Grand Rapids, Michigan . Her shop is filled with the cutest cat toys ever!

Kim' shop has unique toys for your kitty friend including Bacon and Eggs, Joysticks, Mewberries and Olive Meowtini.

All of Kim's cat treats are filled with fresh cat nip to give kitty a little extra fun. But Kim will gladly make them nip free for you too. You can see from these pictures just how much the kitties like them.

You'll have a chance to win a Valentine Edition box of Fortune Cookie Cat Toys. Enter now on the main giveaway page.

Take a minute to stop by K. Grant Designs and find your furry friend something fun to chew on.

To get in the Valentine spirit each shop was asked what their favorite love story movie is. Kim said "Favorite movie... hmm... I loves me some sappy RomCom - don't judge! :) I have worn out many copies of Pretty Woman and I laugh every time at The Proposal and cry every time at Love-Actually, but I think I will go with a little seen gem from the 40's called Holiday - it has my favorite Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn. It is delightful and funny and lovely and of course they live happily ever after!"

Now for tonight's movie. Make sure to leave a comment below. Anyone who leaves a comment, with their opinion of the movie, for each of the 14 movies will get an extra 10 entries in our Valentine's Day Giveaway. After you finish commenting on all 14 movies you need only leave 1 comment on the main giveaway page that says "I made it through the 14 Nights of Valentine's Day Movie Marathon with my heart intact!" That 1 comment will count for 10 entries.

Night 12 - Waitress

Tagline - If only life were as easy as pie.

Music selections from the movie on the jukebox -
1. Baby Don't You Cry - Quincy Coleman

Directed by Adrienne Shelly and released on May 25, 2007 by Fox Searchlight (rated PG-13). Jenna (Keri Russell) is a waitress who makes amazing pies and is stuck in a loveless marriage with a cruel husband. She dreams of leaving him but now finds she's pregnant. Feeling like she is out of possibilities Jenna finds her world is about to change.

I love this movie. Why, I'm not really sure but then I watch it and it's just so obvious that this is a great little movie. It's sweet, sad, funny, a little heartbreaking in places but ends up leaving you in a feel good mood by the end. The characters are quirky, fun and likeable. Except for her husband Early who is just terrible but is played so well by Jeremy Sisto. Another favorite here is Nathan Fillion as her doctor.

The only side effect of this movie, I feel the need to bake pies! I love how she creates the pies in her mind around what's happening in her life. The colors in this movie are beautiful especially the pies. So vivid and lively. If you haven't seen this yet go watch it now! You won't be sorry.

Watch the original trailer...

Some trivia about the movie...
1. Adrienne Shelly's final film. She wrote, directed and played Dawn in the movie Waitress. While still working on the movie, Adrienne was found murdered in her Manhattan office/apartment. She was 40 years old.
2. Writer-director-actress Adrienne Shelly wrote the screenplay while she was pregnant with her daughter, Sophie.   
3. The toddler who plays Lulu in the movie's final scenes is Adrienne Shelly's daughter, Sophie Ostroy.   
4. Release prints were delivered to theaters with the fake title 'Broken Dishes'.
5. The idea for the five minute date Dawn (Adrienne Shelly) goes on was inspired by Adrienne's experience with them years earlier.   
6. Had a 20-day shoot.


  1. What intrigued me the most about this movie were the pies ;) Did they ever publish the recipes? I remember reading accounts of Shelleys' murder....tragic.

  2. Pie recipes would be great!

  3. I forgot about recipes! Here are a couple of links...

  4. I hadn't even heard about this movie before! Now I am looking forward to seeing it. :)

  5. Neat:) Thanks for the links....ummmmm....pie!!!

  6. I don't really liked Waitress. But the cat is amazing!

  7. Loved it, I like Keri Russel so much.
    And Adrienne Shelly's loss was a real tragedy, such a talented person...


  8. Lovely film, such a sad loss that the director was gone in such an awful way...


  9. I never saw the movie but in my opinion Jeremy Sisto is the hottest actor!

  10. The pies were a very interesting part of this movie :)