Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Night 25 of "Attack of the 31 Nights of Halloween"

Welcome to night 25 of "Attack of the 31 Nights of Halloween". Tonight we have a review of the next movie on our Halloween Movie List. Make sure to stop by our GIANT Giveaway and enter to win a goodie bag full of frightfully good treats from 17 different shops! But first lets get to our featured item of the night from Laughing Vixen Lounge.

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Night 25 - May

Tagline - If you can't find a friend... make one.

              Be Careful... She Just Might Take Your

Directed by Lucky McKee (The Woods and Red) and released on June 6, 2003 by Lions Gate Films (rated R). May (Angela Bettis) has always been "different" and has trouble finding friends. Her best friend is Suzy a creepy old doll kept inside a glass box. May tries so hard to connect with the people around her like Adam (Jeremy Sisto) the boy she likes and Polly (Anna Faris) the girl she works with. But no one seems to understand May and no one sticks around for long. As May's mother once told her "If you can't find a friend make one".

This is a wonderful movie. It's so much more than a horror film. Angela Bettis is so good in her role as May that you can't help feeling for this character. We can all see a little bit of ourselves in her. The wanting to be accepted, trying to get the attention of a certain boy, wanting someone to like you for who you are and all the other insecure feelings we all have. May just happens to be a little closer to the edge of sanity then most. It's both sad and scary to watch her slide into madness.

The look of the film and the music work well. There is some blood but it's not over the top. It's just used effectively. The scene with the blind children, Suzy and May it just hard for me to watch but wonderfully done. The best scene here will come at the very end of the last scene. The first time I saw it I was creeped out. It is so unexpected and so wrong on so many levels!!! It's subtle but very effective. You should really go check this one out.

Some trivia about the movie...
1. Director Cameo: [Lucky McKee] The man with his girlfriend in the elevator, both times.
2. Originally the film opened with a lengthy introduction to May as a child. But when the film appeared to be taking too long to get to its point, most of those scenes were cut. The opening with the adult May, specifically the first scene with her and her doll, were shot quickly and only to make the point that May was lonely as quickly as possible.
3. The scene where Blank and May meet was a re-shoot. In the original scene, May was not cold and vague, but angry, and insulted people as they walked by on the street. The scene ended with the two of them in the park. That scene is still in the film but entirely replaced and reedited. It is now the scene where Adam and May meet and have there final talk in the park. The scene is told only through close ups, with both May and Adam glancing off camera. They were originally looking at Blank who was sitting beside her. But he was edited out of the scene completely.
4. There is a movie called "Roman" which is directed by Angela Bettis and stars Lucky McKee. A reversal of roles.
5. The teenage girl who asks May "got any cold ones in there" is dressed up as a zombie cheerleader in the exact same costume and makeup from Lucky McKee's very first movie, _All Cheerleaders Must Die (2001) (V).


  1. I'll have to add this one to the queue.

  2. killing lupe is hard for me to watch. a poor sad dr. frankenstein!

  3. Definitely have to see this one...never even heard of it. Sound sspookiliscious!

  4. This one was waaay too creepy for me... but I do LOVE the theme song. It's at the top of my Halloween music list!

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  5. I don't know this one...


  6. This is another movie I hadn't heard of. I love Jeremy Sisto though.


  7. May is a great movie! I remember being surprised that it was so good, Great characters and great ending(i love Jeremy Sisto too)

  8. A good movie, oe of those everyone likes and it's ok to see it again and again)
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  9. This movie was interesting but creepy as well

  10. I have never even heard of "May" before, so I will certainly be on the lookout for it now.