Saturday, September 18, 2010

Top Supernatural Episodes - #7

It's "Supernatural Week" at Laughing Vixen Lounge. You can keep up to date with past posts by checking the list on the sidebar. And don't forget to check out the Big Giveaway. If you love SPN you don't want to miss out on this.

During our "Supernatural Week" we will be counting down The Lounge's top 8 episodes. They aren't in any real order just favorites. Our #7 episode is Season 3 Episode 08 "A Very Supernatural Christmas". This episode started with Santa coming down the chimney. We only see his lower half but it's dirty and bloody and I knew I was in for an icky episode. Anytime they mix Santa with a murderer it just seems so wrong. But I thought this episode worked as a creepy little treat. I just try to ignore that bit about the finger nails being pulled off. Ugh! That makes me about pass out.
We also get to see young Sam and Dean's past Christmas experience. Including Sam giving Dean his necklace.
"A Very Supernatural Christmas" Promo


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  1. I loved this one!! A great mix of xmas and supernatural goodness. And the story with sam and dean and finally finding out how the necklace came in to play was perfect!!