Friday, September 24, 2010

Top Supernatural Episodes - #1

Here we are at the end of our count down. Make sure to check out the past Supernatural post and don't forget to enter the Big Giveaway. It ends tonight!

Our #1 episode is Season 2 Episode 15 "Tall Tales". I like the dark and creepy feel of Supernatural but the humor is what makes it something special. Even when it's a dark tale they still manage to fit some humor into it. This episode is wonderful as it pokes fun at the boy's personalities and how they are perceived by the other. Lots of fun! And our first meeting of Gabriel "The Trickster".

"Tall Tales" Promo

Tall Tales

Chipmunk Cheeks

Sam Needs A Hug

Brotherly Love

Gabriel "The Trickster"


  1. Great picks! Tall Tales is one of the Best! Loved the slow dancing alien!