Saturday, October 22, 2016

Night 5 of the Attack of the 14 Nights of Halloween Giveaway

Welcome to night 5 of the 5th annual Attack of the 14 Nights of Halloween Giveaway. Stop by our MAIN GIVEAWAY POST and enter to win a Prize Pack full of goodies worth $300+ donated by 11 wickedly fabulous shops. In this post you will find our first Featured Shop ~ Miss Bohemia, details on how to earn EXTRA ENTRIES with our Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt & Halloween Movie Marathon and test your movie knowledge with the Guess the Movie Game. Make sure to visit us each day during the giveaway so you do not miss out on any of the fun!

Red Riding Hood Compact - Style A

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Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt
Our scavenger hunt works like a game of Clue. Every day you will be looking for clues to a different part of the mystery ~ Settings, Suspects, Rooms, Weapons and Escapes. They will be hidden (at the top of the description) in a listing inside one of our participating shops. On each daily post you will be given a hint to which listing the clues are hiding in. Once you find a clue go to the MAIN GIVEAWAY POST and take the daily entry on the giveaway widget. Today's entry will be at the top of the list while all past entries will be at the bottom of the list.
*Make sure you are finding today's clue. Each clue has a date. Shops have more than one set of clues hiding there so pay attention. Submit the wrong clue and it will not count.
*You may start the Scavenger Hunt at anytime during the giveaway and find past clues.
*You can earn 5 extra entries in the giveaway for each set of clues found.
*Please only post clues on the giveaway widget. Anywhere else and they will be deleted.

Scavenger Hunt Special Giveaway!
Keep a list of the clues you find. On October 31st and November 1st you will be able to use the clues you have found and submit your guess of how the murder happened. 1 random winner from any correct guesses will win a $60 Gift Certificate to Laughing Vixen Lounge and a $30 Gift Certificate to Deep Midnight Perfumes. If no one guesses correctly then 1 random winner from all submitted guesses will win their choice of 1 item from Laughing Vixen Lounge (up to $20 value) and a Perfume Sampler Set (your choice of scents) from Deep Midnight Perfumes. Full details on how to submit your guess will be listed on October 31st. You do not need to find all of the clues to submit a guess but the more you find the better your guess.

Clue for October 22nd
A murder has been committed! The body of Miss Death has been found at Raven's Perch Manor. Detective Heathmoor needs your help collecting the clues of the crime. Can you solve the mystery?

Night 5 ~ You will be collecting clues to the suspects of the crime.
*You will be finding 2 clues today.

Clue #1 is hiding in Lilybeanz Bowtique.
Need a little help finding the clue? A mini superhero.

Clue #2 is hiding in Emily's Handmade Soap.
Need a little help finding the clue? A smelly assortment.

*The clues are in the shops listed above.
*Make sure you are finding today's clue. It will have a date.
*The hint above is to help you find which listing the clue is in. DO NOT answer the above clue. Your entry will not count.
*The clue is not on this page.

Featured Shop ~ Miss Bohemia
Miss Bohemia is run by Jen from the UK. It is filled with literary, modern and fairytale clothing, accessories and jewelry.

Special Edition Alice in Wonderland Mug

How did you choose your shop name?
"Miss Bohemia originated from the word ‘bohemian’. I was drawn to this word as it is often expressed for people (artists in my case) who are a bit different from the ordinary and unconventional. This seemed perfect for both me and my artistic creations, which are often seen as an eclectic mix of styles which fuses everything from fairytales to Victorian and literary classics inspired creations."

Oscar Wilde Mug

Why did you choose to make/sell what you do?
"My ‘Miss Bohemia’ shop allows me to see my dreams and designs come to life through jewellery, accessories and clothing!"

Edgar Allan Poe Mug

What inspires the designs/creations you make?
"I tend to draw inspiration from everywhere and believe that beauty and magic can be captured from almost everything. I like to combine a mix of modern and vintage elements in my work and this probably developed from my love of art, costumes and jewellery from different eras. I also love reading and my choices vary from fairytales, literary classics to thrillers and I love books that are able to fuse these elements together. You will see this spill over into my work in the form of romantic, fairytale and literary designs fused with darker elements like the Phantom of the Opera and Wuthering Heights."

Jane Austen Pride & Prejudice Mug

What new designs/creations would you like to add to your shop in the future?
"I would love to develop a range of stationery and also more colourful printed accessories."

Sherlock Holmes Mug

A peek at Miss Bohemia's work space.

You'll have a chance to win your choice of any Literary T-Shirt and Compact Mirror from Miss Bohemia. Enter now on the MAIN GIVEAWAY POST.

T-Shirts at Miss Bohemia

Compact Mirrors at Miss Bohemia

Since it's Halloween I asked the shops to share their favorite spooky movies.
"I like watching old black and white movies like ‘The Village Of The Damned’ and ‘Children Of The Corn’, where music, sound effects and lighting play a big part in telling the story and scaring you. Others such as 'The Lost Boys' are favourites too. I love watching these movies as part of a Halloween movie marathon with friends over and lots of popcorn"

Visit Miss Bohemia on their Website or Etsy during the giveaway and use coupon code MURDERMYSTERY10 at checkout for 10% off your order.
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Attack of the 14 Nights of Halloween Movie Marathon.
Follow along with us for 2 full weeks of spooky movies. This year we feature personal favorites of Laughing Vixen Lounge. Find some new movies to watch this season, or maybe relive some old favorites, and receive EXTRA ENTRIES at the same time. On each daily post there will be a review of the next movie in our movie marathon. Leave a comment on the post with your opinion of that movie. Once you have posted go to the MAIN GIVEAWAY POST and take the daily entry on the giveaway widget. Today's entry will be at the top of the entry list while all past entries will be at the bottom of the list. Comment on all movies in the marathon and receive an EXTRA 20 ENTRIES at the end of the giveaway.
*You may start following the Movie Marathon at any time during the giveaway and post comments on past daily posts.
*Each comment will earn you an EXTRA 5 ENTRIES.
*Comment on each movie to earn an EXTRA 20 ENTRIES at the end of the giveaway.
*On October 31st or November 1st you must use the Magic Phrase (revealed on October 31st) and use it to unlock the entry on the giveaway widget to receive the 20 entries. You must have commented on each movie.

Guess The Movie Game
Think you know your scary movies? Try your luck with this fun game and receive EXTRA ENTRIES just for guessing. Each daily post will have a hint to the next night's movie. Leave your guess on the giveaway widget, on the MAIN GIVEAWAY POST, for an EXTRA 5 ENTRIES in the giveaway. You do not need to be right just give it an honest try.
*Guesses must be made the same day as their hint to receive the entry. Guessing for a past hint will not count and will be deleted.
*Entry will reset 24hrs after your last guess.
*Please only post guesses on the giveaway widget.

Tonight's Clue ~ The night He came home.

Halloween Movie Marathon

Night 5 ~ The Howling

Tagline - Imagine your worst fear a reality

Joe Dante (Piranha, Gremlins I/II and Explorers ) directs this film version of the novel by Gary Brandner. Released on April 10, 1981 by AVCO Embassy Pictures (Rated R). A TV reporter, Karen White (Dee Wallace), is traumatized by an attack from a serial killer that she can not quite remember. At the suggestion of her doctor, Karen and her husband Bill (Christopher Stone) take a little retreat into the woods at The Colony. Maybe here she can get her memory back. Does she really want it back? Does she really want to know the truth about The Colony? Does she really have any choice? We know better.

Karen, a television reporter, has been communicating with a serial killer. When he invites her to meet him she can not resist. Wearing a wire, and with supposed surveillance watching her, she walks into a darkened room for the meeting. When things go wrong, and her backup takes it's time arriving, Karen experiences something terrifying in the dark. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, she can not remember what it was. On the advice of her therapist Karen and her husband take a much needed vacation to a little community in the woods called The Colony. But The Colony will turn out to be a whole new nightmare.

In 1981 Hollywood released three Werewolf movies, Wolfen, An American Werewolf in London and The Howling. An American Werewolf in London won an Academy Award for groundbreaking effects and the other two movies fell quickly out of people's minds. That is unless you are a lover of these movies. While An American Werewolf in London is a great film, The Howling deserves to stand shoulder to shoulder with it in horror film history. Forgetting the "oh, I can not believe what I'm seeing" bad cartoon Werewolf love scene and the way too puppy dog Werewolf at the end, The Howling is a really good Werewolf movie. It plays like an old fashion horror story with plenty of good scares along the way. While FX master Rick Baker did leave The Howling production to work on An American Werewolf in London, this movie has some great Werewolf transformation scenes. The Howling goes with the Werewolf that stands on two legs which is always very creepy. The transformation scene with Eddie in the office is some of the best in horror history. Along with the scares The Howling blends classic Werewolf myth, lore and pop culture references to the story. If you like Werewolf films, or just a fun horror film, you can not go wrong with The Howling.

Modesto, CA  2016
Last month I had the chance to travel Route 66. On our way home we traveled the Pacific Coast Highway. This gave me the chance to stop at the spot along the coast that was used in a memorable scene in The Howling. The mysterious drawing left by the killer that is found to be a part of The Colony. A beautiful spot that installs a dose of creepiness via the movie. It is quite easy to find on the North end of Modesto, CA. It was just as if I had stepped right into the movie. Truly a peaceful and beautiful spot. Though I did eye the woods for anything furry and listened a moment for a distant howl. Just in case.

The Howling did spawn an amazing amount of bad sequels. I mean BAD. None of them have anything to do with the original and are all stand alone stories. I have watched most all of them but some were just silly and painful. Though some were a little less bad than others.

I could not find The Howling available to stream (though many of the sequels are available) but it should be available through most DVD services.

Take a look at the original trailer.

Some trivia about the movie.
1. Many of the character names are named after Werewolf movie directors.
2. There is a book placed near a phone during one scene: Allen Ginsberg's "Howl".
3. A photo of Lon Chaney Jr. (The Wolfman for Universal Pictures) is seen on the wall in the doctor's office when Terri calls Christopher.
4. The book Bill is reading in bed is "You Can't Go Home Again" by Thomas Wolfe.
5. One character is seen eating from a can of Wolf brand chili.
6. There is a picture of a wolf attacking a flock of sheep above Karen and Bill's bed.
7. The art director had previously worked on "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and many of the set dressings were used here in "The Howling". Most noticeable is the corpse sitting in the arm chair at the bookstore.
 8. This film and Howling IV: The Original Nightmare are both based on the same novel by Gary Brandner. Interestingly, "Howling IV: The Original Nightmare" actually represents the more faithful adaptation of the book than this film does. There are 3 Howling novels.
 9. Legendary Horror B Movie director Roger Corman has a cameo as the man waiting to use the phone box after Dee Wallace.
10. Originally Rick Baker was doing the special effects for the film, but he left the production to do An American Werewolf in London. Baker left the effects job for this film in the hands of assistant Rob Bottin. Both this film and "An American Werewolf in London" were released the same year and both received praise for their makeup work.

Red Riding Hood Compact - Style C


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