Sunday, September 11, 2016

Route 66 2016 ~ Tulsa? Where's Ponyboy?!!!

"The wonder is in the journey not the destination". Today's post will cover what is on the itinerary for our Route 66 adventure up until today. Before I left I scheduled some weekly posts about our trip and will share some stories and photos once we return.

As we drive Route 66 we try to take everything at a slower pace. Anywhere from 100 to 250 miles tops. Enjoy the drive. Enjoy the sites. Suck up the beauty around you. Lazy wanderers. It will be interesting to see how well this happens once the trip is over.

Our itinerary since we last met...
September 8th - Cuba, MO to Carthage, MO
September 9th - Carthage, MO to Tulsa, OK
September 10th - Tulsa, OK to Edmond, OK
September 11th - Edmond, OK to Shamrock, TX

Highlights of the section... The Wagon Wheel Motel in Cuba, The Boots Court motel in Carthage and of course the Twin Admiral Drive-In in Tulsa. As if getting to experience an old fashion Drive-In while on Route 66 wasn't exciting enough, this is the Drive-In that was used at the beginning of the 1983 movie The Outsiders. A personal favorite of mine as a young teen (both book and movie!) so I am very excited about this. Plus, I haven't been to a Drive-In in ages. Oooh, I feel a song coming on courtesy of Grease!

Join us again next time as we continue our adventures across the country.
Stay Gold!

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