Sunday, September 4, 2016

Route 66 2016 - Hello Michigan!

Hello again. Today's post will cover what is on the itinerary for our Route 66 adventure up until today. Before I left I scheduled some weekly posts about our trip and will share some stories and photos once we return.

Today we arrive at Chandra's house in Michigan. This is our first visit to her house and to Michigan.

Our itinerary so far has been the following...
August 31 - Portland, OR to Butte, MT.
September 1 - Butte, MT to Jamestown,ND
September 2nd - Jamestown, ND to Minneapolis, MN
September 3rd - Minneapolis, MN to Mendota, IL
September 4th - Mendota, IL to Rockford, MI

The first two days will be made up of making miles! Long driving days but after that we slow a bit. Along the way we are picking up gifts to represent the different states we are driving through as a "thank you" gift for our Aunt and Uncle that are hosting a very quick get together as we stop for a few hours in Melrose, MN on the 2nd. So we will stop in Spokane, WA at Boo Radley's and Atticus Coffee. Wallace, ID for lunch and an Idaho gift. Wallace is where Dante lost his Peak for all you movie fans out there. Either ST. Regis Travel Stop or the 50,000 Dollar Saloon in Hagen for our Montana gift. Then Bismarck, ND for dinner at the always fun Rock'n 50's Cafe and to pick up a North Dakota gift. And of course you can't go through North Dakota with out making a quick stop to see Salem Sue.

Salem Sue - New Salem, MT  2014

On the 3rd we take a breather and have some fun in Minneapolis, MN. A great town to hangout and have fun in! We will be meeting up with Miss Cat from Deep Midnight Perfumes and her husband John. Two of the nicest people you could ever meet. We will be dinning, I mean experiencing, Hell's Kitchen in the Nicollete Mall area of Minneapolis. Plus we get to stay at the vintage beauty that is The Foshay Tower. Once the tallest building in Minnesota. Now a beautiful hotel that has a retro vibe. What's that? A bar called Prohibition?

Our visit with Cat and John in July and the infamous Psycho Suzi's.

Join us next time to see where we are at next!
Until then... Happy Trails.


  1. ...and do not miss the Cadellac is easy to miss because you are passed it before you realize it's there...

  2. This sounds like so much fun! I remember the old "Route 66" series from the 60's. I'm sure everything's changed since then, but you'll sniff out all the "retro" along the way.