Thursday, August 15, 2013

When Cute Boys Meet Bad Hair ~ Groovy!

Things have been a bit hectic around the Lounge but have no fear! This Vixen is busy working on all of the big fall events that will be happening here at the LVL Blog. Lots of mayhem and mischief to be had by all. Oh, and lots of free stuff!

First up will be the next Supernatural Cares Giveaway & Fundraiser (still trying to pin down the start date but very soon!). Then you can look forward to in October, The Fall Fashionista Giveaway ($150) and the Lounge's 3rd annual "Attack of the 31 Nights of Halloween Giveaway". And that's just the start! Stay tuned....

But for today I offer you this bit of fun. The new teaser trailer for the movie "American Hustle". Period pieces are always fun and, being a child of the 70's, it looks very nostalgic. The 2 best reasons to watch it? Well, it has that Bradley Cooper in it. So really, do we need another reason? OK. The other reason is for all the 70's hair. Oh my stars! The ex-hairdresser in me can not stop giggling at these hairdos. Cooper with a "I can't believe anyone would have done that to their hair" perm, Jennifer "How high can my hair go" Lawrence and Christian Bale's comb-over is fabulously awfully.

Have a groooovy Thursday baby!


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