Thursday, August 1, 2013

Happy Birthday To Me Mystery Giveaway

Welcome all you fabulous dolls and ghouls! It's time for another birthday blowout here at Laughing Vixen Lounge. This Vixen is having a birthday and she wants to give out presents. I'll give away 2 mystery grab bags with goodies from the shop. If you win I will ask you to give me an idea of what designs/styles you like from the shop and I will create some fun treats for you. Maybe even items that have not made it into the shop yet! Trust me, there is lots of fun stuff around here just waiting to get into the shop.

I do so adore Paris! *la sigh*
Vintage Paris Compact Mirror 

Giveaway runs from August 1st - 8th. To enter log in to the Rafflecopter Widget towards the bottom using either your email or Facebook. You only have to do the first entry to qualify but there are lots of extra entries too. Including some fun "just because" questions. And in all fairness I will post my answers to them too below in the comments ;)

I'd ride shotgun any day with those
Winchester boys. *mmm... pie*
Create Your Own Supernatural Inspired Charm Bracelet 

Make sure to check out Fear Fridays this month. Spooky movie reviews each Friday all with a birthday theme for August. Oooh, this be some good cinema!

Good or bad I love
a horror film.
The cheesier the better!

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Here are a few more of my favorite things from the Lounge.

Does it get much better than Audrey Hepburn? *nope*
Breakfast at Tiffany's Inspired Charmed Necklace

Ben ~ The inspiration for lots of Black Cat designs like these Retro Black Cats all ready for Halloween.

Team Rick or team Daryl? Who can choose?!!
Either way The Walking Dead is awesome.

Vintage Pulp ~ Retro Horror ~ Classic Hollywood
It's all Peachy Keen Jelly Bean *wink*

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The Fine Print... Giveaway is open worldwide. Past winners are more than welcome to enter again. Giveaway will run from 6:00 am August 1st through 12:00 am August 9th 2013 EST. Winner(s) will be picked randomly from all eligible entries. The winner(s) name and choices will be posted on this blog as soon as the winner(s) has been contacted. If selected winner(s) does not respond back within 48 hours a new winner(s) will be chosen. All decisions made final by Laughing Vixen Lounge.


  1. Here are Laughing Vixen's answers to the giveaway questions.

    1. Favorite Actor ~ To many to list but Keanu Reeves has been a big favorite since I saw "River's Edge" in the theater back in '86. I even saw his one-time band Dogstar 3 times ;)

    2. First Celebrity Crush ~ That's easy. Shaun Cassidy. I was about 5. For those who don't know he was a teen pop star in the later 70's. He was on The Hardy Boys TV show and had at least 2 albums out. In more recent years he has written and produced a lot of TV including American Gothic, Roar (with Heath Ledger) and Invasion. He is also the half brother of David Cassidy (The Partridge Family).

    3. Favorite Movie ~ I could never pick just one but a big favorite from when I was young that is still a nostalgic favorite would be Raiders of the Lost Ark. Others I love, Rosemary's Baby, An American Werewolf in London, A Life Less Ordinary, Say Anything and many more.

    4. Favorite TV Show ~ Of all time would be Mystery Science Theater 3000. It just makes me laugh! Of more recent shows my favorites right now are The Walking Dead and True Blood. Both have great writing and story telling and are such fun to watch.

    5. Favorite Band ~ For Modern day bands I always love the Goo Goo Dolls. From my teen years that still is a great musician, Brian Setzer. All time greats that never fade, The Clash.

    6. First Concert ~ That would have been The Power Station with OMD opening for them in 1985. Duran Duran was the big thing but 2 of them were off doing the solo thing in a band called The Power Station (lead singer was Robert Palmer). So that was as close as we could get to seeing Duran Duran.

  2. Your Favorite Actor/Actress - Norman Reedus

    Your First Celebrity Crush - Mike Reno of Loverboy

    Your Favorite Movie - Boondock Saints

    Your Favorite TV Show - The Walking Dead

    Your Favorite Band - The Beatles

    Your First Concert - Rick Springfield

    1. Ooooh, Rick Springfield! I am so jealous. I still love to listen to some of his old stuff. Jessie's Girl!!! ;)

  3. I'd love to see some Harry Potter-inspired jewelry.

  4. 1) Jeremy Renner
    2) Kirk Cameron
    3) The Hurt Locker
    4) Grey's Anatomy
    5) Kid Rock
    6) Glass Tiger

  5. Rammstein is my favorite band. The Secret of Roan Inish = fave movie. Sir Patrick Stewart = fave actor. Grimm = fave tv show.
    Not so much a crush, as I adore the sound of their voices: Alan Rickman & Sir Patrick Stewart. Can't afford concerts when I was younger, now I don't like crowds.

  6. Grimm inspired jewelry. Happy birthday :))

  7. Your Favorite Actor/Actress - Jim Caviezel / Bryce Dallas Howard

    Your First Celebrity Crush - George Michael

    Your Favorite Movie - "Pillow Talk" with Doris Day

    Your Favorite TV Show - The X-Files

  8. Actor- Cary Grant
    Crush-Cary Grant
    Movie- Bringing Up Baby
    TV- NCIS
    Band- Train
    Concert- Kiss

  9. fave actor - i love zooey deschanel and johnny depp.
    first celebrity crush - jonathan brandis.
    fave movie - i love pulp fiction and across the universe.
    fave tv show - parenthood,grey's anatomy and so you think you can dance are all faves!
    fave band - AFI
    first concert - i went to so many basement shows as a kid but my first "real" concert was Beck when i was 13.he played with the dust brothers and it was amazing!

  10. I would love to see earrings added to Laughing Vixen Lounge.

  11. Favorite Actor/Actress - Johnny Depp
    First Celebrity Crush - Leonardo DiCaprio
    Favorite Movie - Twilight (The whole series)
    Favorite TV Show - The Walking Dead
    Favorite Band - Imagine Dragons
    First Concert - Alice Cooper

  12. Favorite Actress is - Natalie Portman
    First Celebrity Crush - Michael Jackson
    Favorite Movie is the Shawshank Redemption
    Favorite TV show is Pretty Little Liars
    Favorite Band is ACDC
    First Concert was Metallica

  13. I would love to see skull rings and earrings...bright colors.

  14. Although I'm a horror/sci fi lover at heart, I'm also a huge fan of Hitchcock films, Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart, Katharine Hepburn... it would be great to see anything from that film era/style. (p.s. Happy Birthday!!!! I turn 'thirty mmphhh-ing' on the 4th!) ~Raine~

  15. Ugh.. favorite questions are SO hard because of so many eras and genres. Rock Hudson, Liam Neeson, Kat Hepburn, Doris Day. ~Raine~

  16. 1st crush I remember was Cory Feldman-I was obsessed with The Lost Boys and The Goonies. ~Raine~

  17. Favorite movie(s)-(I'll just go with the ones I currently watch over & over because there's tooooo many) Constantine, Man's Favorite Sport, Gargoyles, and Salem's Lot. ~Raine~

  18. TV: Supernatural, Angel, Bones & Buffy. (Grimm too) ~Raine~ (oh and My Cat From Hell & Top Gear) :)

  19. Band(s) Early (70's) Bruce Springsteen & the E. Street Band, cheesy 80's music, and I love Matchbox 20 & Sublime & Rob Zombie ~Raine~

  20. I'd love to see MORE Halloween related items.

    Thank you for this awesome giveaway!!!

  21. I was too young to remember my 1st concert, but it was still the one I do remember- Springsteen in 1984! My parents also took me to quite a few shows in Jersey when I was little, I went with my dad and it was awesome!!!

  22. Favorite actor: Viggo Mortensen

    Favorite actress: Carol Kane

    First celebrity crush: Bill Pullman (seriously...I was like 10 years old!!! I've always liked older men, though. HA.)

    Favorite movie: Ghost World

    Favorite TV show: Tales From The Crypt

    Favorite band: Yeah Yeah Yeahs

    First concert: I have yet to go to a concert...

  23. 1) John Cusack & Robert Downey Jr.
    2) Andrew McCarthy
    3) Sherlock Holmes
    4) Gilmore Girls/Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Big Bang Theory
    5) Garbage
    6) The Monkees (older version, not when they were young)

  24. i would love to see some supernatural themed earrings or rings
    favorite actor- Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jr, Jensen Ackles
    first celebrity crush- Johnny Depp
    favorite movie- Lord of the rings- return of the king
    favorite tv show- supernatural, friends
    favorite band- OneRepublic
    first concert- Haven't been to one yet

  25. I would like to see more Marie Antoinette and some fairy tale inspired pieces.

  26. Favorite Actor-Owen Wilson
    Favorite Actress- Kristen Dunst

  27. My first celebrity crush was Adam Ant.

  28. My favorite movie is The Crow.

  29. My favorite TV show is The Amazing Race.

  30. My favorite band is Duran Duran.

  31. My first concert was MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice in 1989. lol

  32. See added- More aninated movies

    Fave Actor/Actress- Drew Berrymore

    1st Cele Crush - Justin Timberlake

    Fav Movie - Soo many, hmm.. Girl Inturrped

    Fav tv show- So many of these also,umm really I'll watch anything

    Fav Band- these are tough to many to chose from, I cant choose lol

    1st concert- I believe was Destinys Child

  33. Happy Birthday! I love your shop just like it is, but some more charm pendants would be nice.

  34. My favorites:

    1. Actress/Actor- Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp... especially together.

    2. Crush- Robert Redford (from back in the covered wagon days).

    3. Movie(s)- Forrest Gump, Chocolat, The Others and Tombstone... Val Kilmer totally owned Doc Holliday... "I'm your Huckleberry".

    4. TV- Mad Men and my guilty pleasure, Project Runway (but tell anyone and I'll deny it).

    5. Band- Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits) and Natalie Merchant (10,000 Maniacs). They aren't really bands anymore :(

    6. Concert- Bob Seger

  35. Favorite TV Show: Parks and Recreation

  36. First Celebrity Crush: Jonathan Taylor Thomas

  37. See added: More music themed stuff

    Favorite Actor/Actress: Norman Reedus

    1st Celeb Crush: Patrick Swayze

    Favorite Movie: Casablanca

    Favorite TV show: The Walking Dead

    Favorite Band: 30 Seconds to Mars

    1st concert: Bryan White

  38. Happy Birthday, mine was on the 27th. My first Concert was to see Pink Floyd, Animals. My favorite TV Show is The Walking Dead and my first Celebrity Crush was probably David Cassidy. My favorite actor ....hmmm...Favorite Band probably ZZ Top, Led Zepplin, or Pink Floyd.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  39. I would love to see some Gold Jewelry, like a Pentagram Necklace in Gold.

    Thanks again!

  40. i love everything in your shop! i guess if i had to pick something though,it would be more music themed items.

  41. My favorite actor is Christian Bale and actress is Jennifer Aniston!

  42. My first celebrity crush was Leonardo DiCaprio!

  43. Actor - Jimmy Stewart
    First crush - Scott Baio
    Movie - Casablanca
    TV show - the Walking Dead
    Band - the Smiths/Morrissey
    First concert - Billy Idol
    See added - day of dead skulls, sugar skulls

  44. I love your Ruby Slippers Necklace! I would love to see you add coasters, The Goonies items, and The Nightmare Before Christmas items, and items for kids (like Hello Kitty and Lego Ninjagao). :) :) Thank you for the great giveaway!! ~~Meg Michelle Greenan Liani

  45. My favorite actor: Mel Gibson
    My favorite actress: Reese Witherspoon
    My first celebrity crush: Jonathan Taylor Thomas
    My favorite movie: The Goonies
    My favorite TV show: Cold Case
    My favorite band: Megan Burtt
    My first concert: Barenaked Ladies

  46. I'd love to see some earrings to match the bracelets. And you can never have too much vintage Halloween jewelry.

  47. Fav Actor: James McAvoy

    First Celebrity Crush - Justin Timberlake. I know, the hair. But he's grown up nicely.

    Fav Movie - Breakfast at Tiffanys, Veronica Mars (could make for some cute jewelry!)

    Fav TV Show - Supernatural

    Fav Band - Mumford and Sons

    First Concert - Very obscure band my aunt played in. I was five months old!

  48. Leather Strips Braided With Chain Into Bracelets

  49. The Walking Dead Inspired Necklace with Angel Wings & Crossbow

  50. James Dean Even Though He Was Already Gone From The World

  51. Leonardo Dicaprio was my first celebrity crush.

  52. 1. Favorite Actor - There are SO many, but I really love Jennifer Lawrence, Lee Pace, Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk, Karl Urban, Liam Neeson, and so many more.

    2. First Celebrity Crush - Gene Kelly I was about 7 or so, and I watched Xanadu. Xanadu is still one of my favorite movies (don't judge!) and I still have a special place in my heart for Gene. He was HOT!

    3. Favorite Movie - Nightmare Before Christmas I love the music, the artistry, the themes, everything about it!

    4. Favorite TV Show - Currently I am really into Teen Wolf and Orange is the New Black

    5. Favorite Band - Tears for Fears. My older cousins got me into them as a kid and I've loved them ever since. Their music got me through some pretty tough times.

    6. First Concert - Toad the Wet Sprocket and The Cranberries We missed "Something's Always Wrong" by Toad the Wet Sprocket because we got there late and I was super bummed. That is one of my all time favorite songs.

  53. Favorite Actor - Gary Oldman, Vincent Price

    First Celebrity Crush - Michael J. Fox

    Favorite TV Show - Star Trek TNG, Dr. Who

    First Concert - Buzz Bake Sale in Florida 1999. The lineup was Bolt Upright, Showoff, The Sheila Divine, Pennywise, Staind, Local H, Joydrop, Stroke 9, Citizen King, Marvelous 3, Powerman 5000, Jimmie's Chicken Shack, Guster, Kottonmouth Kings, and Kid Rock.

  54. Fave actor- Misha Collins

    First celeb crush- Corey Feldman

    Fave movie- Labyrinth

    Fave TV show- Supernatural

    Fave band- ICP

    First concert- Garth Brooks

  55. Favorite Actress-Sandra Bullock
    First Celebrity Crush -John Travolta
    Favorite Movie-Mask with Cher
    Favorite TV show-2 Broke Girls
    Favorite Band-ACDC
    First Concert-Red Bone

  56. Fave actor- Johnny Depp
    First celeb crush- Justin Timberlake
    Fave movie- Batman: The Dark Knight or The Perks of Being a Wallflower
    Fave tv show- Supernatural!
    Fave band- Fall Out Boy
    First Concert- P!nk