Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Who's your True Blood Sweet Thang?

This Vixen is a "Sucker" for True Blood. So how could I resist a quiz that made me feel 13 again? Click below and find out "who's your True Blood Boyfriend". Make sure to come back and share your results with us here. And yes, I did my best to get Sam. He can sleep at the foot of my bed anytime! Ha! 8)


  1. That was fu! At first I thought I'd get Sam too, but Bill was the result! My favorite character in the series (though it's so hard to say who's favorite, everybody is acting so damn well that you fall in love with everybody, even Eric - with all those shoulders... lol!).

    As I said, I'm really addicted to TB, evry detail is really great and a delight to watch.

    Thanks for sharing this cool quiz! :o)


  2. Ah, I like old Vampire Bill. Those he does have a little anger management issue.