Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Custom Designs at Laughing Vixen Lounge

Custom designs are always welcomed at The Lounge. Here are a couple of the latest.
This one was just done for a customer. Spike from Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Just love the new itty bitty bottles of blood. Look for lots of new designs with different sized bottles with lots of colors inside.

Supernatural Custom Charm Bracelet.  Lots of new Supernatural designs coming in September. Just in time for Season Six.

 Custom X Files Charm Bracelet.

 Custom Predator Charm Bracelet. Really love the colors on this one. Very fun and unique to make!

Custom Lucy and Ethel Bracelet. Look for a very similar design in the shop soon.

Let us hear what you think. Looking for something special or have an idea? Comment away 8)


  1. I love these new designs! They look great.

  2. Thanks for my xfiles and supernatural bracelet! I wear them everyday!!

  3. Can you make me a spike from BTVS one? And how much?

  4. email me at dizzykmk @ msn . com about the Spike necklace.

  5. Email me about the lucy and ethel charm bracelets.