Monday, November 14, 2016

Thanksgiving Recipes Of Yesteryear Or No Please, Stop The Madness!!!

Ah, Thanksgiving cooking. Isn't it fun?!!! Just look at that happy couple above. This week at the Laughing Vixen Lounge Blog we take a not so pretty look at Thanksgiving foods of days gone by. It really makes you wonder "what were they thinking?". If any of you have had the pleasure of trying anything  below make sure to leave a comment. Enjoy!

Cranberry Surprise ~ I really do not want to know the "surprise"!

Holiday Vegetable Loaf ~ Surround your frozen veggies with a wall of creamy mashed potatoes.

Jell-O ~ Can not quite make out the recipe but I hope the turkey dinner is not inside the Jell-O.

Oh so many cranberries!

Rainbow Pudding ~ Why let your veggies have all the fun. Surround your fruit cocktail with vanilla pudding and Lady Finger cookies.

Oh cranberries. Just like Jell-O but not!

Waldorf Salad ~ Atop of Jell-O. Mmmm, Miracle Whip and marshmallow.

Holiday Topsy Turvy ~ Cake with cranberries, of course.

Pumpkin Cake ~ For those that do not do pie.

Cranberry Candles ~ Mayo, cranberries and fire... enough said.

Cranberries, cranberries and more cranberries.

Garden Buffet Salad ~ Walled-in food was quite the trend. Wrap your canned peas up in deviled ham spread and a wall of cauliflower.

Flavor Magic!

Cranberry Jell-O ring with turkey salad.

Orange Mallow Yam Yums ~ Add a little orange to your yams.

Or maybe apples?

Or maybe you are feeling tropical? Pineapple.

Duck in a box, Chicken in a box and cheese in a jar. Just like the pilgrims did.

Peas Juliette ~ For the fancier dinner table.

I have no idea but am pretty sure it involves Mayo and Jell-O!

Wind things down with a little instant coffee.

Maxwell House ~ Good to the last drop!

Or maybe you would prefer the Happy Holiday Idea ~ Hot Dr Pepper.

Or for the adult crowd.

This beer makes you one heck of a crafty homemaker.

And for the very adult.

Schenley Royal Reserve ~ For those on-the-job picnics.

Because really, what says yummy turkey better than a smokey ashtray. Mmmmm.

Camel Cigarettes ~ Forget lung cancer. It's good for the digestion!

Banquet TV Dinner ~ For when you realize the full Thanksgiving dinner idea is way beyond your reach.

Let Swanson's fix it for you.

And if even a TV dinner is too much work, let the Colonel make it for you.

Yes, after a dinner filled with these yummy selections we might all need a dose of the pink stuff.

Join us next Monday as we take a look at some Thanksgiving themed movies. Find a few to enjoy on your long weekend. But before then stop by Thursday for another chapter in this Vixen's Route 66 adventure.

Until then *kiss*


  1. Girl, where did you find this stuff? Hilarious! First of all, it's just not Thanksgiving without the red stuff shaped like a can. Seriously. It has it's own special little dish and everything. And of course, being from the South, we have to have a pecan (that's PEE-can, for the record) pie. As for libations, the cook gets wine... that way EVERYBODY wants to make a little dish of something and a bunch of drunk cooks makes for a real interesting meal. Happy (hic) Thanksgiving, y'all!

  2. Well, Pee-can pie is just awesome!!! And yes, one year my dad told my nephew that the red stuff shaped like a can was Jell-O. Oh that poor kid when you took a bite and realized it was not. He never fell for that again. Ha! Yes, we have plenty of booze too but I like the idea of having to make something to get it 8)

  3. I'm so glad the days of the creative casserole are behind us!