Friday, March 14, 2014

Fear Friday ~ Does That Man Do Anything But Fight Demons?

It's Friday and in honor of our big Supernatural Cares Giveaway and Fundraiser, going on now (enter here), this week's Fear Friday fits the theme with lots of spooky and creepy moments. Oh, and it has one familiar demon hunter! Enjoy.

Fridays at the Laughing Vixen Lounge Blog are Fear Fridays. Fear Fridays are a celebration of all films spooky. Horror is a very broad genre and the Lounge loves it all. Each Friday you will find a review of a different film. These can range from Classic Horror (black and white and cheesy), Thrillers (suspense, jumps and a good mystery), outright Horror (chop chop, slash slash, die die) and anything else in between.

So pop some popcorn, kill the lights and enjoy tonight's selection. And please, share your comments on the film. Bad or good let me know what you thought of it. And now, my little ghouls and dolls, the Laughing Vixen Lounge Blog is proud to present this week's film.

Fear Fridays - The Possession

Tagline - Fear The Demon That Doesn't Fear God

Directed by Ole Bornedal (Nightwatch) and released August 31, 2012 by Lionsgate Films (Rated PG-13). When his young daughter finds an old box with the spirit of a demon inside, Clyde (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) must find a way to stop it before it destroys his whole family. Hate it when that happens!

This week's film stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Mr. John Winchester (of Supernatural) himself once again fighting a nasty demon. It's also "presented" by Sam Raimi (though I highly doubt that this title means anything more than drawing viewers in by using his name) of Evil Dead/Spiderman fame.

This is by no means a great movie but I found it enjoyable enough to watch. It's only PG-13 so it's not very scary but it is creepy. The movie is based (very loosely!) on supposed actual events. If you are interested in the "real" story of the Dibbuk Box you can read it here. I find it creepy enough that the original box was supposedly bought at a yard sale here in Portland. Oooooh, spooky!!!

The Possession is available on DVD.

Take a look at the original trailer.

Some trivia about the movie.
1. While promoting the film on Craig Ferguson [airdate 8/29/12], Jeffrey Dean Morgan reported that strange incidents took place during production that couldn't be explained. Lights exploded during the filming of key scenes; and just two days after wrapping principal photography, all of the props for the film, stored in case of re-shoots, were destroyed in a fire that mysteriously erupted from within the storage-house.   
2. The book that the father brings into the house and reads at Emma's bedside is the ArtScroll/Mesorah edition of the Tenach (Jewish Bible = Old Testament), first published in 1996, and he is reading from the English translation there of Psalm 91. That edition follows the Orthodox affectation of using "HaShem" (literally, 'THE Name') where most other English versions have "The Lord"; the same substitution occurs in the Hebrew prayers recited in the synagogue and exorcism scenes.
3. The demon in the box speaks Polish.

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