Monday, August 6, 2012

Day 6 of the Birthday Murder Mystery Giveaway

Welcome to day 6 of the Birthday Murder Mystery Giveaway. Today we have the next featured shop from our big giveaway. We also have the next clue in our Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt. Play along and you'll have the chance for 15 extra entries. Keep reading and we will also reveal the winner of yesterday's giveaway!!! First off lets get to our featured item of the night from Laughing Vixen Lounge.

Skull and Bird Compact - Style A  $15

Purchase any item(s) from Laughing Vixen Lounge through August 31st and get 10% off your order. Use code AUGUST10 at checkout.

Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt Clue - Day 5
Each day you'll find the next clue in our Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt. It will be hidden at the top of an item listing inside one of our participating shops. You'll be given a quick clue as to where the main clue is hiding. Collect all the clues and you can get an extra 15 entries in the big giveaway. Make sure to read all the fine print on how to submit your answers on the main giveaway page! Do not post them anywhere on the blog.

Day 5 -
Captain Hooper - A friend of Mr. Castle from their days in the service. Has a tendency to drink too much.
Madame Corman - Ex Wife of Mr. Castle. Owns half of his business and has a tendency to meddle in other's affairs. 

Mr. Whale and Captain Hooper are getting a drink at the bar. Captain Hooper notices an item on the floor. "Looks like someone has lost something" he points to the object. Mr. Whale looks to see a bright pink scarf. "Oh, that would be Madame Corman's" he replies. Mr. Whale picks the scarf up off the floor and puts it in his jacket pocket. "I will make sure she gets it".

Find the next clue to meet the last set of characters.

Today's clue is hiding in Miss Bohemia.
Need a little help finding the clue? "Mystery Man"

Once you've found the clue come back here and post "I found it!" in the comments. Just don't post the clue! 8)

Featured Shop - Miss Bohemia

Miss Bohemia is run by Jen from the UK. Her shop is filled with bohemian glamour, darkly romantic pieces, vintage inspirations and fairytales!

Mermaid By The Seashore  $21.19

Jen uses vintage themes in her work. You'll see lots of pearls, soft colors and antique images. Then on the flip side you'll find pieces in dark moody shades and themes of wolves and Vampires.

Vampire Bite Bracelet  $18.82

Jen also has a great new Gothica collection. You'll find cameo skulls is shades of pink, creme and red. Set in beautiful settings, you can get necklaces, earrings and more.

Pink Gothica Collection

You'll have a chance to win your choice of one of the new Gothica Sets from Olivia's shop. Enter now on the main giveaway page.

New Gothica Collection in Pink or Red  $25.40

Visit Miss Bohemia on the web or Etsy and use the code MYSTERYAUG10 at checkout to receive a 10% discount off your purchase.

Come back tomorrow for the next featured shop and the next scavenger hunt clue. Oh, and don't forget to enter the big giveaway. You could walk away with some fabulous to-die-for goods from all 12 of our shops!

The winner of yesterday's birthday giveaway - winner's choice of a 5 vial perfume sample pack from Deep Midnight Perfume Oils - is.......


Give her a big "congrats"!!! Our last birthday giveaway will be Saturday.