Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wayback Wednesday - Who was your first?

So today I present you with the question "Who was your first concert experience?". Were you lucky enough to have seen someone who's still cool or are you like most of us who have to cringe a bit before we answer? Leave a comment below and share with us that great moment in time.

This Vixen's first was The Power Station in August of 1985. I was 14 and a huge Duran Duran fan and this was as close to them as you could get at the time. The band was originally made up of John and Andy Taylor from DD and Robert Palmer. Though for the tour Mr. Palmer was replaced with Michael Des Barres. Their hit songs were a cover of T Rex's "Bang A Gong" and "Some Like It Hot". The opening band was OMD (Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark) who's big song was "If You Leave" from Pretty in Pink fame.

Oh that hair! Ha!


  1. my very first was new kids on the block in second grade. ha. the first one that i went to once i actually started going to concerts regularly was bush ("everything zen") with the toadies ("possum kingdom") when i was 12.