Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Something Wicked This Way Comes

It may only be the middle of September but here at the Lounge we are busy getting ready for Halloween. Lots of new spooky designs are being added to the shop everyday. You're bound to find something for your October wardrobe.

We're also working on a BIG Halloween giveaway full of lots of fun goodies. Shops are signing up to donate creepy good treats for our goodie bag. If you missed the last Halloween goodie bag we gave away take a look here. We're hoping to gather another great collection of goods for this year. 

If you have a shop and would like to participate leave a comment here with your email and I'll send you the info. It's a fun way to get some good promotion for your shop.

Make sure to check back on the 24th of September as the Lounge will be joining in the fun at the Practical Magic Blog Party. If you have a blog and want to join in you can see all the info here

Then the big party starts here on the 1st of October. There will be lots of Halloween fun and we'll be featuring shops for our giveaway to give you a little sneak peak. Then on the 14th the giveaway begins. You won't want to miss it!


  1. Hi there,

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  2. So- you are telling me I had best get my order in quick before everyone discovers you through the great parties coming up fast!