Friday, October 2, 2009

Winner of the Halloween Goodie Bag Giveaway

Thanks to all who entered and spent lots of their time visiting the shops and following us all over the place. We love and appreciate everyone of you!
And lets all give a big thanks to all of the shops who gave their designs and time to make this giveaway possible. It would not have been a succsess without any of you.
The winner is.....Stephanie (@sgrant2005 )
Everyone give her a big congrats! She pretty much did every entry possible and it payed off. Here are her choices.
From Laughing Vixen Lounge "Jack and Sally" pendant, from The Family Jewels "Skeleton Arms" necklace and from Dirty Dishes "Your Trailer Park Called. They Are Missing Their Trash" mug.
From Hat Creek Creations "Witch's Hat Pitcher", from Marmalade Grenade "Haunting" soap and from Moxie Mia Makeup "Without a Trace and Shiver" eyeshadows.
From Darkside Soap "My Goodness it's Guinneshhhh, Dragon Droppings and Spellbound Woods" soaps and from Glama Ray "Angel and Witch's Brew" bath salts.
From S H Creations "Curly Red and Black" feather headband, from Groupie Glam "Brick House" headband and from Boutique Julie "Halloween" card set.
From Sugarcandie Beauty Bar "Candy Corn Cupcake Sugar Scrub", from Agony's Decay "Spider Bracelet" in green and purple and from Madame Cupcake "Trick or Treat Bats" zippered pouch.
From Hearse Boutique "Skeleton Hands Hairclips", from Bloodbath "Coffin Candy" lip balm and from Groovy Spookieville "Bigfoot's Girlfriend" ice cream soap and "Vampire Soccer Mom" lip conditioner.
From DixiexKing's Monkey Emporium "Halloween Monkey and Bag", from Bittersweet Boo "Bride of Frankenstein and Frankenstein" hair bows and from Hell in a Handbag "Skeleton Hands" sweater chain.


  1. Congratulations Stephanie! Enjoy!!

  2. Thanks everyone I am so excited!!! I wanted to win sooo very badly and did all I could to win and this time it really did pay off! And thanks so much to everyone who donated the awesome prizes and to Laughing Vixen Lounge for the awesome giveaway :)