Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Winner of August Giveaway

Thanks to everyone who entered the August Giveaway for the incredibly cool Goodie Bag. We really appreciate it. And everyone give a big round of "Thanks Gals" to all the great shops who donated the goodies!!! Make sure to check back on the 14th as our September Giveaway will start. The Lounge is working on a Halloween themed Goodie Bag that already has about 10 shops participating (and counting).

And the winner of the August Goodie Bag is...Irina (Nina). Everyone give her congrats on being the lucky one. Here are her picks...
From Laughing Vixen Lounge "Marilyn Monroe Style A Glass Pendant" and from Marmalade Grenade "Zombie Pinup Soap"
From The Family Jewels "White Chrysanthemum Ring" and from To Hell in a Handbag "Black Evil Eye Rose Hairpins"
From Dirty Dishes "I Have A P---- So I Make The Rules Mug" and from Haut Totes " Large Mahogany Red Faux Leather Zippered Pouch"
And from Moxi Mia Makeup "Punk Ass Bitch, Only in Dreams and Blue Mix Eyeshadow"


  1. Thanks to all the sponsors! I can't wait to receive the goodies!

  2. hey, congratulations to you hun....well done and you chose some fab goodies there - enjoy!! xx