Friday, July 10, 2009

Fear Friday review of "Skinwalker".

So, what did everyone think of this week's selection "Skinwalkers"? I was quite surprised by this movie as I thought it might be a disaster. So here we go with the question and answers.
  • Did this movie make you jump, yawn or laugh? I would go with laugh. This is the perfect example of a brilliantly bad movie. It was fun, silly and made me giggle. A decadent cheesy little treat.

  • Did you like or dislike the monster/villain? These villains are great. They are a cross between extras in a Mad Max movie and a biker gang from a music video. Growing up on 80's movies I'm use to the bad guys looking like this. If I wanted this movie to be really good this would be a bad sign, but since I gave in to the silliness they seemed right at place.

  • If you were one of the characters in the movie which one would you be? Who wouldn't want to be the bad girl with the really big boobs who's kickin' ass and takin' down names? But I'm sure I'd end up being the mom who doesn't have a clue. She thinks her husband is dead but he's really a Skinwalkin' Wolf Man who's having fun with the chick with the really big boobs.

  • If the monster/villain could have had one superpower what should it have been? They seem to have lots of powers to start with. They scale walls like Spiderman, have a heightened sense of smell and heal extremely quickly. Maybe they could have flown. Flying werewolves sound pretty cool.

  • What was the best line or scene in the movie? I loved the gun fight about 20 minutes in to the movie. It was very over the top and completely cheesy. Especially liked the part when Nana turned around and was packin' heat. With her last bullet she hits the gas pump and gloriously blows up the gas station. know you're in for a good one right then and there.

So leave your answers and let me know what you thought of it. We'll be back tomorrow with next week's film.

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